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Collective Giving

Donate by joining a giving group

Donors align with a group, such as Church Groups, Employee Groups, Clubs, Support Groups, and more, via the Connecther website to give collectively to a project. Simply join a pre- existing Giving Group or start a new group - anyone can do it!

Here's How it Works:

  • Create and/or join a giving group. Get friends and supporters to join.
  • Choose a project close to your heart that you would like to fund. Proceed to giving cart. If you have joined a group, your group will appear in your giving cart under your donation amount. Simply choose your group from the drop down menu during check-out.
  • Connecther will track the amount that the group has raised collectively to fund a project/s.
  • Connecther believes that group action is an effective way to raise funds and all donations are shown in the context of a running total so that you can always see the collective impact of your donation!