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We want to thank all of the students who submitted their amazing films to the GITWFF 2018! We are overwhelmed by the passion, creativity and quality of the films.

The top 20 films will all be acknowledged at our Red Carpet Awards Ceremony and screening on April 7, 2018 in Austin, Texas. Additional finalists will be announced soon for all categories. To see all finalist prizes and categories go to prizes page. Winners will be announced and all prizes will be awarded at the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony in Austin.

Additionally, A People's Choice award will be given (one film will be chosen by judges from the ten films that have most likes and tweets. If you have questions, pleases email

*Some Films May Contain Mature themes

A Complete Family Dildar Serdaly, Suleyman Demirel University

This is a true story about woman who experienced many difficulties in life. Firstly, domestic violence, the loss of her child, divorce and then remained alone to raise the other 2 children. Despite that, she was able to see the whole beauty of life through all that challanges she faced with.

A Truth Susannah Joffe, St. Stephen's episcopal school

An anonymous victim of sex trafficking shares her story

Maksad (The Aim) Pooja Gowtham Bohra, Flame University

A glimpse into the difficulties and hopes of a small town girl trapped in the expectations of society and her responsibilities towards her family.

Behind Closed Doors Kenya Andrew, Kacey McGuire, Savannah College of Art and Design

This documentary raises awareness of the horrors of commercial sexual exploitation against women in the United States, and introduces solutions to put an end to it.

Body Talk Rebecca Grossman, Smith College

Body Talk is a short documentary that explores young women's relationships with their bodies.

Fighting to be Noticed: Exploring the Gendered Racial Microaggressions Affecting Women of The African Diaspora Ayana Moné Jihad , Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

As a Black College women at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick campus, I am embarking on my final year of my undergraduate career. Throughout my academic years, it has become immensely transparent misogynoir behaviors, comments, and feelings attacking the Black women on campu

Indefinite Melissa Gurusinghe, King's College London

Hundreds of asylum seekers, survivors of FGM, Human trafficking, rape and war are unlawfully detained indefinitely in a prison-like compounds, where neglect and mismanagement are commonplace. A place like this couldn't exist here ? These are the untold stories of the indefinitely detained asylum see

Let me Breath with my Dream Novera Hasan Nikkon, Jagannath University Dhaka, Bangladesh.

‘Let me Breath with my Dream’ is a documentary film on the issue of Child marriage. In Bangladesh child marriage is a strong social custom and has the fourth highest rate of child marriage in the world. Due to cultural setting, girls are regarded here as an economic burden and are expected to m

Mirage Emily McClanahan, Crockett High School

A mirage is an optical illusion and can be something that appears to be real but is not actually. This a metaphor for one’s perception of beauty and about the importance of diversity in the media and how it can affect self-esteem and body image. Told through a spoken word poem, and brought to li

OVERDUE Kenley Duke, Jada George, Malcolm Lott, Hampton University

Overdue is a short film highlighting the everyday dynamics of dating violence and it's detrimental effects on the victim. A young woman, hopeful for her relationship to change, faces emotional, mental and physical trauma that causes her world to unravel at the hands of time.

Part-Time Love Tiana Malhotra, Abbotsleigh School for Girls

The film follows the experience of my grandma in her fifty-year long marriage to my grandfather which reflects the patriarchal tendencies of Indian society then and till this day. The subtle behaviours expected by society which invoke women to be submissive and conform to gender stereotypes is what

Piñata Juliana Concepcion, Miranda Abazoski, Tianna McNair, Temple University

An experimental short film that visualizes poetry describing violence against women and sexual assault. The visuals show that anybody we know can be affected by these issues,

Talk Up the Talk Jessica Mabanglo, Gordon College

Our bodies do incredible things, and yet the topic of our body's maturing are quickly discussed in adolescent years and then avoided thereafter. No one likes to talk about growing up, puberty, and sex to young people. In this documentary, however, I argue that the talk is necessary to have, especial

The Gods will be angry Preeti Shakya, Janaki Medical College, Tribhuvan University

In Nepal, menstrual hygiene management still remains a major challenge to most girls and women- with shame and stigma attached around menstruation, limited health education and lack of hygienic sanitary materials contributing to health problems, social exclusion and poor educational outcomes. In cer

The Superhero Without Cape - Hazera Begum Shafiqua Nawrin Oishi, Asian University for Women

Prostitution has been termed as one of the oldest professions. It has been indeed an interesting chapter throughout the history. Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim countries in the world where prostitution is legal. Where 49.52% of the total population is female, the one’s in this profession has

Self Portrait Meghan Cullen, Academy Of Art

A collection of digital journal entires recollecting a traumatic event in my life.

To Be Alone Kaitlin Lederer, Paul V Moore High School

This is a short film following the daily life of a “normal” teenager with an eating disorder.

Tune Your Ears Rebecca Dharmapalan, UC Berkeley

In this film thesis I am looking at the themes of immigration, migration, civil war, genocide and freedom's effects on self-identity. In the process of filming my four South Asian grandparents, I hope to understand their lives better, and thorough their stories grow to understand the complexities of

The Untold tales of the Rohingya Daughters Mashiat Sharif, Asian University for Women

“The Untold Tales of the Rohingya Daughters” is a documentary giving the audience a glimpse of the hardships of the refugee Rohingya women. After the violence against Rohingyas broke out in the Rakhaine state of Mayanmar in late August 2017, these women have been through a very traumatic experie

Who Is JenBKLYN? Roxanne Lim, St. John's University

Media personality JenBKLYN revisits her childhood dreams and shares the experiences that inspired her to break down industry expectations and form her own company, NextJeneration.