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STAY TUNED FOR THE Girls Impact the World Film Festival's TOP 15 FOR 2015!

2015 Finalists will be announced in January. See below for 2014 finalists.

We are pleased to announce the Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2014 Top 15 films that have advanced to the final round of judging! We hope you enjoy watching these spectacular films. The Top 15 films are in no particular order.

We want to thank all of the students who submitted their amazing films to the GITWFF 2014! We are overwhelmed by the passion, creativity and quality of the films.

The top fifteen films will all be acknowledged at our Red Carpet Awards Ceremony and screening on February 22, 2014 at Harvard University. To see all finalist prizes go to the learn page and click the prizes tab. Winners will be announced and all prizes will be awarded at the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony at Harvard.

Additionally, A People's Choice award will be given (one film will be chosen by jugges from the ten films that have most likes and tweets as the People's Choice Award) and Cisco's Most Innovative Film Award to the film proposing the most innovation solution (as chosen by Cisco Systems).

*Some Films May Contain Strong Adult Themes

Broken Beauty Jordyn Roach, University of Oregon

Please play this video in 1080p HD for the best quality. The media's singular projection of beauty is an unreachable mirage. Those pressured to chase it will break in body and in spirit. This film contains a lot of symbolism. Think about the differences between the moon's light and the forest's ligh

A Chance Sarah Gale, Pine Crest School

Maria, a 19-year-old girl living in the slums of Cartagena, Colombia, bares her heart and soul for us as she shares her past of abuse, addiction, assault, and her story of survival and triumph. If this harsh reality is changed, girls like Maria can reach their full potential and change their future

she++: The Documentary Ayna Agarwal, Ellora Israni, Stanford University

Between 2000 and 2009, there was a 79 percent drop in the number of first-year undergraduate women considering computer science, even as products such as Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, etc. began making technology 'cool' again. And so, we have been told, time and time again, we need more women in t

The Spring Storm Polen Ly, Health Science University

From the poor condition basement, she has opened her scar to tell a storm during her spring made by her own relatives-her father.

what's L.O.V.E Adriiana Jackson (Producer), Denise Sanchez (Videographer) North Shore Senior High School, North Shore Senior High School

When he removed her from her family she thought he was being protective. Love protects-right? When he removed her from her friends she thought he was being possessive. Love takes ownership-right? When he removed her from herself she lost sight of her worth. She thought love was suppose to hurt.

Lost Hope Ngoc Nguyen, Santiago Sanchez, Jason Terrazas, Leslie Aguila , Sierra Vista High School

A video created to help those who may be going through any of this. Please share this to anyone who maybe in this sort of situation. Heck, use this for yourself! You can be the person to save one one! Many times we find ourselves worried with things so small relative to those whom are facing nightma

Point B Kathryn Harhai, St. Mary's Academy

'Point B' takes a look at domestic violence from the perspective of the victim. The film follows a girl who reflects on her experience with sexual abuse twelve years after it happened.

The Real Inconvenient Truth: The Prevalence of Rape in a Gloabal Society Kiah Beeman, Marysville-Pilchuck HS

Through the use of statistics and anecdotes, the serious epidemic of rape in the US and abroad is presented. This short film also addresses the attitudes that allow rape to prevail and cause women to be blamed for the crimes committed against them. All spoken pieces are represented with text to prom

Susan the first Afghan Girl Rapper Kubra Jafari, American University of Afghanistan

This is a documentary about Susan, the first Afghan girl rapper who has raised up her voice to defend those who are refugees in neighbor countries of Afghanistan and are suffering as refugees, through her first song. Also, to defend those Afghan women who have been victim of violence in Afghan socie

I don't want grandma to talk Zhu Yun, China Academy of Art

My sister-in-law, the main actress of the film, came from the small valley where everyone cheat by playing the trick “Taoqianbi” to earn illegal money. She struggled to get rid of her destiny but economic burden, family expectation on women and lack of direction all discourage her from being in

the white lie Jin Chuan, Communication University of China

The Wihte Lie The two old people. The women was seriously ill for many years, unable to care for herself and lost the basic language skills. Due to health reasons, the old women only have the husband and pass time in the world of television . Did not expect the only child died in an accident .The c

Red Trafficking Amber van Schaaijk, Southeastern University

Amsterdam is know for the red light district. Sadly most of the girl's behind the windows are victims of sex trafficking. In this documentary the issue of sex trafficking in the red light district is discussed and how this problem can be solved.

The Womb Lottery Jacqueline Allegra, Florida State University

A documentary on women facing income disparity in Sarasota, FL.

Little Woman Hanalie Albiso, UP Diliman

Little Woman is the story of Sheila, a 14-year-old girl forced to grow up and leave her childhood dreams because of the circumstances brought about by her early pregnancy.

Rural to Ramp - Handcraft Development Iwani Mawocha, Waterford Kamhlaba United World College

A closer look at how handcraft is making a difference in poverty alleviation. This short documentary shows the outcome of developing handcrafts when high-end design is incorporated. Designers and handcraft artisans are partnered to produce products that are African by inspiration and contemporary in