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Boda Boda Catherine Achieng', Community Media Trust

Adoyo lives with her sick mother. After school, she sells groundnuts at the market to earn money for their upkeep. One day, she meets a man with a motorcycle (boda boda).

Lucía Gerardo Torres Hernández, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

Lucia is a girl from a town far from the city, with great expectations about her life in an indifferent world, everything seems perfect beside the love of her life ..

Hope: Between a wall and a hard place Maria-Fernanda Garcia, Laredo College

The two women involved in this interview have overcome many difficult situations to be where they are today. Their faces cannot appear in this documentary due to safety issues for themselves and for them to share their stories freely with no concerns. They are currently housed in a “immigrant home

Turning The Tables Nistha Bhandari, Amrit science campus

Nepal is a country in south asia. East asian culture has this long running tradition of dominating women in every sphere of life.They are subjected to remain just inside four walls of house.They are expected to be involved only in household activities.This tradition makes women more vulnerable to po

Pangamu (The one who begs) Augustus Nicko T. Bas, Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology

A day in a life of a street beggar. In the Philippines, they are called "badjaos". They are known for their music and dance. But most of the Filipinos found them as disgusting and a nuisance in the street. A story that tells more about how a street beggar lives, the things they encounter as they wal

Dignity Rachel Deva Rani Dharmapalan, Oakland School for the Arts

Gentrification is a large cause of displacement in many major cities. As cities undergo rapid development, rent prices rise, leading to increasing rates of homelessness. “Dignity” focuses on the unhoused women and girls in the city of Oakland, California. Gentrification is very prevalent in

In Search Of Rekha Hasda Hasanul Hoq , Abu Owazed Sah Showmik, Jagannath University,Dhaka,Bangladesh.

‘Rekha Hasda’-a dedicated tribal woman land fighter fighting against the land broakers,from Dinajpur-northern part of Bangladesh.This tribal woman has helped Guerilla freedom fighters a lot during the 1971’s freedom fighting.It was the starting of her war against the land sharks.Still now she

Zainab Shaqayeq Bahar , Herat Afghan Turk girls high school

This movie is about the life of addicted women and violance against women. In this movie i will show how they suffer from this situation.

Fariyab's refugees Mohammad Esa Isar, Balkh universitu

bibi khal is one of the refugees that they forced to displaced from their homes. she is 65 year old woman. she run away with her daughter in law and her three grand children. her only son is addict. she forced to wash the people's cloths, now she does it work here. because she doesn't have a su

Until Ignorance Ends Zainab Zafar , Home Schooled

Women work hours on hours end within their house and outside. Until Ignorance Ends is a story that highlights the often forgot triple shift women carry. The emotional burden, the house work and working outside, Parveen is a woman who raises her own 3 children and works fourteen hours a day walking t