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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Last Night Baylee Brown, New York University

Last Night is about what can go wrong when alcohol, drugs, and sex mix. A girl wakes up the morning after and has to figure out what happened and how she feels about it in this portrait of a situation that happens all too often.

The Day After Baylee Brown, New York University

The Day After is a documentary portraying the protest in New York City in response to Donald Trump's election as President. The film highlights the importance of women's involvement in political and social activism in order to protect rights to education, women's healthcare, as well as to advocate f

This is 2017 Rae Kanoa, Palos Verdes High School

In a passionately-worded poem accompanied by visuals, 'This is 2017’ touches base on the social constructions behind the oppression of women.

Equals in Society Emma D Westgård, Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet

Students from an international community talk about the struggles women and girls face- from a human rights perspective- with hope for the future.

Flightless Amanda Neuhouser, Southern Illinois University

In the aftermath of a sexual assault, a young woman battles her emotional scarring as she carries through her morning routine getting ready for school.

Outfit Adrienne D'Agostino, Temple University

At the start of her day when a young woman is deciding on an outfit, she becomes interrupted when her phone and computer reveal incoming sexual-harrasment messages from unknown numbers. As these disturbing anticipated comments discourage the woman from her original clothing, she experiments with mo

Rein Heart Friday Onwe, Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo Delta State Nigeria

The film is about a young girl Clara who saved a woman from her abusive husband and in turn made the husband a community ambassador against gender violence.

Dreaded Kah Belinda Mbong, University Of Bamenda Cameroon

This is the story of an HIV/AIDS muslim girl who lost her parents to the killer disease and is regarded as an outcast in her community and in school by her mates causing her to be less performant and productive but she later is accepted and picks up to be the best in her class.

Bruises Brianna Pulley, Ravenna High School

Jessica, a young girl, faces domestic abuse from a guy she likes at school. This film was created to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

It's Time... Sharon Li, Vinh Dang, Stockton University, University of Pittsburgh

It's time to end violence against women.