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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

End Menstrual Stigmas - Period. Ria Sonecha, Castilleja School

This film explores the ways menstruation, a natural biological process, is stigmatized and how these stigmas impact girls around the world.

Fantasy Jordyn Roach, University of Oregon

Unsatisfied with a society that punishes sexual assault survivors who speak out, a woman heads out in search of some place better.

Egyptian women in the revolution Hadeer Adel Elsayed Mohamed , faculty of pharmacy cairo university

This short film is dedicated to the women of Egypt who sacrifice , feel responsible and dedicate their lives to be a part of the change happening now in Egypt.. Those women won't probably see this film and I don't know if I"ll meet them or not , But I made this video to appreciate their sacrifices b

Self Image Kanani Hager, Morgan Seiler, Las Vegas Academy

We brought together 10 girls ranging from 6-46 years old. We asked them multiple questions related to the way society impacts self image. In this film it shows how women have unrealistic expectations to live up to on a daily basis.

In Broad Daylight Vivienne Harris, Santa Fe High School

A short film documentary to bring to light the way women and girls are forced into sexual labor. This film was created to bring awareness to the epidemic of human trafficking.

Red Trafficking Amber van Schaaijk, Southeastern University

Amsterdam is know for the red light district. Sadly most of the girl's behind the windows are victims of sex trafficking. In this documentary the issue of sex trafficking in the red light district is discussed and how this problem can be solved.

Self Portrait Meghan Cullen, Academy Of Art

A collection of digital journal entires recollecting a traumatic event in my life.

Stand Up Men alyssa estrada, Cypress Ridge High School

Two male athletes speaking on womans rights from their point of view and why its so important

Pose Madelynne Hewett, Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

A commentary on the psychological impact the media has on women. Sadly, it has become the norm to find various commercials and ad campaigns setting beauty standards for young women. This film takes a look into the mental chaos that ensues with the idea of perfection.

The Girl Who Dreamt of a STEM Career and Perfect Teeth Gabrielle Filkins, Sequoyah High School

This production is to create awareness for girls who are underrepresented in STEM related careers. This video also provides many solutions on how to ignite girl's interest and encouraging them to stay in the career pathway.

You Look Beautiful Julia Smith, Cabrini University

A young girl faces the daily horrors of dealing with sexual harassment in a school environment. Unable to find adequate help and sufficient justice for her situation, she is forced to go through this struggle on her own. This film highlights the emotional, physical, and psychological effects that se

Progression Cassidy Robinson, James Bowie High School

Progression follows the story of a struggling mother trying to make her way to economic independence over a period of time.

Two Worlds Apart: An Awareness of Female Education as Defined by Culture Amanda Duquenoy, Blackstone Millville Regional High School

The film follows an American high school girl through an average day, comparing aspects of her experience to the current poor education of girls in Afghanistan.

The Honest Impact of Beauty Zoha Hussnain , Cinco Ranch High School

The video uses interviews of high school age girls that come from a variety of backgrounds to explain the meaning of beauty and how women are impacted by media and society when perceiving their own self-image. The girls give their definition of beautiful and respond to other questions about the idea

Beauty Defined Danielle Kuruc, Florida Southwestern State College

Beauty Defined, is the message that women and girls should refuse to let the thoughts of others define their own beauty.

Prettier than Kasey Dresser, Mission Vista High School

In this short film, teenage girls discuss the impact media has had on our everyday lives. They discuss feeling insecure and not good enough from something as simple as an advertisement. As well as, their personal struggle through conforming to what media wants us to be.

Finding Beauty Kailen Kim, Etowah High School

A documentary of Eli Hughes, a non-binary transgender, who struggled with finding themself through their gender identity. This film is based on society's definition of beauty and how it affects girls, boys, and people of all genders. Coming out from being labeled as a girl to a non-binary transgende

Just Under Your Skin KareN Riveros Gomez, Katrina Sachs, Canadore College

A girl learns that everything she puts on her skin gets absorbed into her body. Even daily hygiene products and makeup cause damage once they enter our bodies.

Challenging Beauty Standards Mackenzie Palmer, University of Texas at Austin

I interviewed women who have be subjected to represent and uphold the beauty standards placed on our society. They open up about their struggles, and produce solutions that will help our younger generation overcome these standards, and learn how to love and own confidently the body they have.

Barrington Girls Pave the Way Grace Fitzgerald, Braeden Nelson, Serena Shah , Barrington High School

Our team took the time to sit down with a few women from Barrington High School who are taking the initiative to break down barriers for equality of the sexes. Our discussions included STEM, business, and media.