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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Let her go Tien Nguyen, Asian University for Women

Through a poignant story of a woman who was once loved but later abused by her intimate partner, this music video suggests a solution to end violence against women: Men, women, and the society as a whole have to act together.

Emotional Abuse Bujinlkham(July) bayasgalan, North Park University

Emotional abuse is something that many people overlook. I used to be in a relationship with a guy who was emotionally abusive and I stayed in the relationship for a long time because he never physically touched me so I thought his actions were fine. Over time towards the end of my relationship with

Cocoon mahmoud mohamed abdelsalam, Cairo Uni.

A girl loves drawing inside the books, authorities arrested and torture her, then she decided to enter into a fight with this authorities, the film speaks about how violence makes violence.

Catch Me Saliha Crespo, Miami Palmetto Senior High School

SFTA's first short film, written and directed by Saliha Crespo, "Catch Me", is a youth lead project used to explore the world of teen dating violence. "Catch Me" will capture audiences in critical dialogue about the impact of teen dating violence and how it intersects with real life.

We Are Women Liz Bunce, Loudoun Valley

This film asks the question why we are treated differently from men when we are defined the same way.

Human Trafficking Campaign#SeetheSigns Jessica Ponce, Clovis East

This video goal is to get people to realize the dangers of Human Trafficking. We want people to realize that it is that easy to get stuck in a dangerous situation. In our video the main story plot is how a group of friends are worried when they see no shows from there friend. They questioned it but

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery Nancy Pickett, Winter Park High School

a documentary highlighting the issue of sex trafficking in the United States

Violence Against Women and Children - Raising Awareness Rosemarie Soma, West Senior High School

In this video I address the issues of child marriage, sex trafficking, and general violence against women and girls. I tried to present information in a creative way that would keep the attention of the viewer, provide a few statistics but not an overwhelming amount, and make it personal by includin

Abused Amina Haqq, Central Bucks South High School

A woman who has been abused for months by her husband decide to speak up about her abuse.

Honest Beauty Cheyenne Swinney, Clay Virtual Academy

This video was made to bring awareness to violence against women.