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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Gendercide in India Darby O'Neil, University of New Hampshire

The purpose if this video is to raise awareness of the crimes being committed against women and girls everyday due to their gender. We wanted to make a film that educated the general population about the horrific problem of gendercide, while also inspiring people to make a difference by outlining so

Mrs Misunderstood Mallory Harris, North Hennepin Community College

Queens, you’re beautiful. It pains me to have gained a larger understanding of the subconscious depicting of beauty, but to whom much is given, much is required. The desire to compare yourself with being ridiculously thin, young and beautiful; it makes real women and girls compare themselves ev

END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Tribute To My Sister . Davona Watson, California State University, Los Angeles

Domestic Violence is a subject I never imagined I would have to address. I especially didn't think I would talk about it in relation to my older sister. I tried my best to create a video that didn't express my overwhelming emotions but a video that instead told her story. So I chose a narrative vide

Fantasy Jordyn Roach, University of Oregon

Unsatisfied with a society that punishes sexual assault survivors who speak out, a woman heads out in search of some place better.

One in Five Kathryn Callahan, Lauren Lichtenstein, Rachel Orga, George Mason University

One in Five college students are sexually assaulted by the time they graduate. Sexual assault is a huge deal on college campuses, and we wanted to bring light to a subject that has affected us and many other people. It needs to be changed, and education and discussion on the subject is the only way.

I am not Free Emmanuella Sharon Tetteh, Antioch High

Discusses the issues of Child Brides and violence against women such as in rape culture, with factual evidence.

Children of the Universe Rachel Torres, Northern Essex Community College

Voice over Multiple individuals performing daily tasks. Women and transgender rights

Through Her Eyes Cyndie Galvez, Boston Arts Academy

There are “obstacles” that the protagonist has to face through her day that relate to real issues that women go through daily. The Director wants the audience to walk away knowing what sexual harassment feels like from the woman’s perspective and feel what a demoralizing and degrading impact i

Scarred Reality Halimah Tariq, The Institue Of Legal Studies(University Of London)

A short documentary based on the evils of acid attacks in Pakistan and the consequences it has wrought on four survivors of this abuse. The film also features the women responsible for uplifting the victims and rebuilding them a place in society as independent, strong and empowered individuals.

You're Not Alone Macie Lemons, Amelia Lemons, McKinney North Highschool

This documentary interviews a sexual assault nurse and three sexual assault cases that she investigated and testified in. Each story explores the emotional and violation a sexual assault victim goes through, as well as society and the public's views.The film also recognizes the importance of awarene