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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

What I learned in class today Sarah Turner, Metropolitan State University of Denver

This is the kind of education young women are receiving not only inside, but also outside the classroom as well.

Behind Closed Doors Sarah Rooney, William Horlick High School

A short film on the life of an avid alcoholic's daughter and what is behind her closed door.

Break the silence Karina Pimenta, Ariel SepĂșlveda, Leticia Parreira, Curso G9

A short collage that shows the reality of many women and girls facing violence and sexual abuse; the memories carried by some of them; and a view on how to fight the problem.

Stories of Two Survivors Binh Ngoc Lam, Cindy Lam, University of Pittsburgh

Fall is a season full of memories. But this time, college women are no longer falling but standing up for themselves and for other women. Two sexual assault survivors talk about their experiences and recovery processes. Using their own personal stories, they are willing to speak out to encourage ot

DOmestic Worker or Modern Day Slave Misbah Alnoor, Ziauddin College of Physical Therapy

Domestic Workers are often called modern day slaves because of their less laws and rights.Female domestic worker are facing discrimination and verbal,physical torture .This video enlights the situation of female domestic workers as they are getting ignored by society

Fight For New Life: Females Behind Bars Jacqulyne Santullo, Plymouth State University

Victimization is an issue for women in the Criminal Justice System and young girls in the juvenile justice system. Almost 90% of these females have traumatic pasts. They come from backgrounds of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; violence, and so much more. But the unfortunate reality is that th

Days and Nights in War Shorif Sonia, Asian University for Women

This short film is just a glimpse of what the women from the war affected countries have been experiencing. Every war victim has a story, but they have become mute, they are traumatized.

Ta' Marbouta Ibtihal Bakhti, Rana Daoud, Dina Ramadan, American University in Dubai

Three young ladies are being abused in public by their male partners, will anyone step in?

Stand Up, Speak Up before your body is Held Up Tahmina Raoufi, Asian University for Women

Narrates story of a girl(s) who is married during her childhood and is held back by the family and society to commit to the marriage that she has never given nod to. She is held to adjust to the extreme extents to make the childhood marriage long. Before her marriage at youth with the childhood husb

The Riches Beneath Her Skin Jocelyn Blanco, Herndon High School

This film is based on the view of younger girls also facing the same insecurities as teens and adults. Sometimes life can leave you scars from battles lost or won, These scars are badges of strength and beauty. Most of our imperfections are uncontrollable. The girls in my film discovered that real b