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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Falling Off The Edge Shannon Liu, Barry Goldwater High School

The film addresses the psychological troubles accompanying the effects of domestic violence. Though physical damage harms the individual, injury to the conscious will affect the mind forever.

An Attempt on Equality Christie Marshall, Oakdale High School

I believe in equality. Growing up I've believed that I have to be perfect, but that was wrong. My imperfections make up who I am, of this I am not ashamed.

challenges that women face and ways we can help Alice, Marie, Adams , Thomas Jefferson High School

I went around asking a few friends and family what they thought we some challenges that women face today and to pose some solutions to them or ways we can help.

Strong Through Every Mile Molly Ormsbee, Niskayuna High School

This film follows STEM (Strong Through Every Mile), a nonprofit organization created to train women that were once victims of domestic abuse to run a 5K, gain confidence, and build relationships with other women who have been through similar situations.

I am a Woman Sean Dorney, Cape Henlopen High School

I am a Woman dives into the opinions of various women in American society from a Muslim High School student to a female judge in the Delaware court to truly grasp all the problems that women face, because picking one isn't enough.

Set yourself free before it is too late. Tahmina Raoufi, Asian University for Women

Nastareen an Afghan girl is having hard time to make herself adjust to stereotypical role of a girl that has been assigned to her by her family and the society. Keeping her father's honor in consideration and her mother's peace of mind, she gives in too many times. This continues till she is engaged

GLORIA Maria Angelica Quiñonez, Public-arte Center

Gloria is my friend She is an African girl who struggled in her childhood of violence, which he marked his adolescence and influenced her personality, but Gloria fight, and believe in a better world, in the future, she wants a world without violence, where her past not repeated.

Clothed with Strength & Dignity Eilish Gormley, Gretchen Miller, Courtney Miller, Regis High School

For our Senior Project, we decided to take a different route. Our project is a PSA film called Clothed in Strength and Dignity, based off the quote “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future” Proverbs 31:25. The message and theme of the PSA is that the w

Active Beauty Miriam Gonzalez, Marsha Gonzalez, Florida Atlantic University

This films brings awareness to criticism against women in sports, fitness and active lifestyles. The hardships that women face when they don't believe in their honest beauty. Narrated in the voice of a young man attacking a women in her challenges in doing what she likes that don't coincide with the

The Eighth Fire Sarah Burkhart, Southern New Hampshire University

A look into the planet we call home, our destructive behaviors, how it effects women, and what we can do to change. Climate change is REAL and it is happening now. Includes interviews, clips, facts, and quotes.