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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Be A Man Jashee Yang, Castilleja School

An advertisement for Crow (Dove) shows the honest answers of men struggling with double standards in their daily lives.

Domestic Violence Awareness Gabie Rivas, Metro Tech High School

This is a video to raise domestic violence awareness, and also includes ways in which it can be stopped.

Spoken Word Poetry Arianna Stoll, Kimberly Ruiz, Wesley Chapel High School

This video is about a young girl growing up, and her struggles through life. It talks about sexual abuse and the effects of social media. Also it talks about how we are impact each other on a daily basis.

The Runaway Santiago Sanchez, Yasmin Sanchez, Andrea Alvarez, Jasmine Cruz, Kevin De La Cruz, Jesus Villalobos, Sierra Vista High School

This is a short film put together by my friends and I. We put together this film to bring attention the subject of domestic violence. I have some friends who have experienced abuse in their lives. For that reason, we decided to create this film. It is a dedication to those who have suffered the grea


This film is a testimony of a woman from LUHAGO (in South Kivu) who was victim of rape. She is speaking about the manner they have been caught and taken away in the forest where they underwent many atrocious terrors during 3 days but she got to escape. Due to this situation, she still have some psy

18 Ways Women Undo Gender Nazifa Alizada, Asian University for Women

While gender equality has come a long way in most developing countries, stereotypes and gender expectations still actively shape people's lives. This video shows how women and girl in different contexts respond to gender expectations and sexist remarks.

Just a girl... R' Myni Watson , Jackson State University

This is a narrative about two women who lost their lives due to domestic violence and suicide. Women are victimized by the views of society, others opinions and actions, and even themselves. This video is meant to educate viewers about issues that women and girls face in their lives.

8, March and what after...? Amine ZOUGGARI, Ayoub NHAIEB, Université Hassan II de Casablanca

the film shows the rights of women who are trampled by man, and finally we found 8 March International Women's Day only (thing) that the man respected all the year.

Who is responsible? Ana Oliveira-Beuses, Vishlesh Gondalia, John Sapp, University of Florida

We're all responsible for modern day slavery. We as college students might not notice this problem in our daily lives but it is happening everywhere and we need to do something about it. This video is meant to raise awareness about slavery and serve as a wake-up call for those who wish to do somethi

Why Me? Erika Garcia, Saddleback Community College

In this video a wife is shown how she is violently abused by her husband who hides his hatred for her from their young son. This video is to spread awareness of violence against women.