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Why Some Women End Up With Noting After Divorce? Shereen Nidal Nanish, Jordan Media Institute

Why Some Women End Up With Noting After Divorce? What is the real problem? the lack of awareness? or the weak legal system? or the culture? A woman who got a divorce recently tells us her story, and how she ended up having nothing after years of hard working. In addition, we are going to listen to

The Untold tales of the Rohingya Daughters Mashiat Sharif, Asian University for Women

“The Untold Tales of the Rohingya Daughters” is a documentary giving the audience a glimpse of the hardships of the refugee Rohingya women. After the violence against Rohingyas broke out in the Rakhaine state of Mayanmar in late August 2017, these women have been through a very traumatic experie

eventually, it goes away Aruzhan Dossymkozha, Inzhu Dosmagambet, Turan University

This video is about Violence Against Women and Girls. Brief story sequence: social survey about the coherence between girls' clothes and raping, project 'Mother's house' , interview of girls, who were raped and got pregnant, proposal for solving the problem

The women across tradition HANNAH KEZIA JOSE, Asian University for Women

Mosammat Jasmine currently is in her 50’s is still active in road, fighting with men and society and independently finding her way for her living. She is coming from a small area in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Few years after her marriage her husband abandoned her. It was a very big responsibility for

Truth Talissa Wright, Savannah College of Art and Design

Ali, a high school freshman, is playing a game of Truth or Dare with her two friends, Beth and Crystal, who share about their sexuality and past relationships. Beth and Crystal talk about how they are occasionally pressured into giving more than they would like to. Feeling uncomfortable, Ali goes

We Are Beautiful Irl Paulalengan, Rangeview High School

This film is a documentary of what people see themselves, and it shows the between of people when they are being asked on social media or on the spot. Coming from the oppression group of community made me think what do these people thought about themselves and how they see beauty.

Alone Marsha Gonzalez, Palm Beach State College

A young woman is battling her everyday life as a victim of abuse until one day she decides to change this.

In Broad Daylight Vivienne Harris, Santa Fe High School

A short film documentary to bring to light the way women and girls are forced into sexual labor. This film was created to bring awareness to the epidemic of human trafficking.

Give a Voice to the Voiceless Taylor Robinson, Vanguard High School

This documentary was filmed at Vanguard High school, with the basis of the Give a Voice to the Voiceless movement that the students started. The interviewees are all International Baccalaureate students that attended this high school and who are passionate about this issue. Mrs. Stephanie DeVilling

By The Hand of A Man Elizabeth Forrester, Hempfield High School

A woman married her husband some time ago but now he is becoming more and more aggressive to the point where he has begun to hit her.