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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

I Am Erika Cutaia , Delaware Valley High School

A young woman from a small well-to-do town in the woods meditates on an all too common horror. An attack that has no demographic or geographical barrier. That bars no woman from becoming a statistic. Her reflection on her status as an abused woman generalizes her with the public solidarity, her burd

I'm leaving good by Douaa,Rayya, Lebanese university

Leila left her husband after he hit more time .

A Complete Family Dildar Serdaly, Suleyman Demirel University

This is a true story about woman who experienced many difficulties in life. Firstly, domestic violence, the loss of her child, divorce and then remained alone to raise the other 2 children. Despite that, she was able to see the whole beauty of life through all that challanges she faced with.

Me Too Ginger Rodriguez, Monserrat Torres, Candace Castillo, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

A documentary to bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault and violence through a personal story of survivor Kylie Mason featuring former Texas Senator Wendy Davis and her organization Deeds Not Words that helps uplift the voices of women.

Title IX and Its Effectivness Bhargavi Katuru, Fishers High School

How has Title IX previously nad with new modifications affecting women and college girls. will they be supported or are they being swept under the rug. Do the new laws provide more support to the accused or victims?

Angelina Sabrina J Cole, San Diego State University

Angelina came to America hoping for a better life than the one she had in Uzbekistan only to find she had a new set of restrictions due to her gender.

Violet Sabrina J Cole, San Diego State University

When two young Brazilian girls are captured by a human trafficker, they find hope and strength in a fellow inmate — and a way out.

Trapped Korie Sherman, Calabasas High School

A girl is trapped in her own mind from an overpowering and truamatic inciting incident. She makes a decision at the end

Fighting to be Noticed: Exploring the Gendered Racial Microaggressions Affecting Women of The African Diaspora Ayana Moné Jihad , Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

As a Black College women at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick campus, I am embarking on my final year of my undergraduate career. Throughout my academic years, it has become immensely transparent misogynoir behaviors, comments, and feelings attacking the Black women on campu

Voice against Violence Areeba Bashir, Dehli Government Girls School

The video shows how women encounter domestic violence on regular basis and are destined to tolerate it silently. It also highlights the need to stand for women and help her by raising voice for their rights.