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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Giving Women their lives Back Adeiyewunmi Osinubi, Yoonyoung Choi , Groton School

In November 2011, my friend and I started the Iris Fistula Project (IFP). IFP is a non-profit organization that helps women who have suffered from obstetric fistula — a birth injury that plagues women around the world. In August 2012, I traveled to Mekelle, Ethiopia to volunteer at Healing Hands o

Teach Her to Fish- Women Matter Carolyn Case, Ball State University

"Teach Her to Fish- Women Matter" is a short documentary film about women in Haiti starting and sustaining their own small businesses through two organizations: Creative Women of the World and Haitian Artisans for Peace International. The documentary emphasizes the importance of women establishing e

A Chance Sarah Gale, Pine Crest School

Maria, a 19-year-old girl living in the slums of Cartagena, Colombia, bares her heart and soul for us as she shares her past of abuse, addiction, assault, and her story of survival and triumph. If this harsh reality is changed, girls like Maria can reach their full potential and change their future

Made in Sri Lanka by an Empowered Woman Inesha Premaratne, Casimira Karunaratne, Harvard College

For more than 25 years, a brutal civil war destroyed the northern part of Sri Lanka. With the conclusion of the war in 2009, the farmland was destroyed, schools and other important buildings were demolished, and basic infrastructure was lacking. What was worse, 90,000 war widows were left the sole i

Seemingly Normal... Thomas Hartmann, Warren Tech

A young girl who lives with her boyfriend and his parents becomes pregnant and faces a choice.

Women In Firefighting Ashley Viscioni, Riverdale High School

A short documentary on women breaking into the male-dominated field of firefighting.

John, Jill, and Jane: The Effect of Unequal Pay Olivia Zinsser, New York University

This film is a short documentary about the effects of unequal pay between white males, white females, and minority females.

The Amazons Cry Ignacio Núñez Palmieri, Forest Trial Academy

With performances of Haitian and Dominican women, this short film represents four different countries in which some of the most basic women's rights are violated every day. All in the effort to create awareness and motivate the viewer into spreading the word about these issues.

Autism Mothers - Stories of Inspiration Anne Caroline Rabello Rolim , Beatrice Rolim, Michigan State University, Colegio Sidarta

This short movie shows the different stories of 4 mothers of autistic children in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They met through a social network and discuss their views in life, including difficulties they had, prejudice, health, managing with depression, poverty and the outcome of their situations as they be

It's Happening in Silicon Valley Ruby OIivo Mendoza, San Jose State University

When people think about the Silicon Valley they only think about the tech companies. What they don't realize is that we're dealing with human trafficking, gender discrimination, and various other issues also.