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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

For Her Iqra Ameen, Dehli Government Girls School

The video shows the way how girls are treated when they step out of their homes for job or education. It also endorses the fact that girls need support and protection to get their rights and survive in this world.

Harmed and Harassed Ambreen Basit, Dehli Government Girls School

The video shows how women is mistreated and harassed at working places, specially those who are poor and helpless. It also highlights the dire need to stand for her and support her.

Finding Footing Sami Masaki, Indiana University

Supper Aria Haley, Las Vegas Academy of the arts

A couple is out to dinner, and right from the beginning, you notice that there is something wrong with the relationship. The way he treats her during the dinner gets to get worse and worse. When they order he orders for her, while he orders, "The finest thing on the menu". When they finally get thei

Women are strong Vivian Nguyen, KSE

The film started with a girl drinking soda and reading. Reading is her distraction from everything happening at home. A man sees her crying but doesn't know what to do. The girls goes home melancholy. The moment her abusive partner sees her, she got hit by him. Then she's being left alone while cryi

Second sex Shukrullah, Kabul university

This film shows the problems of Afghan women in one shot in defend duration of their lives

How Much I Love You Ashley Kramer, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

A short profile documentary chronicling Diane Ostrega, a single mother,domestic abuse survivor, and Polish immigrant, as told by her daughter, Monica.

You Look Beautiful Julia Smith, Cabrini University

A young girl faces the daily horrors of dealing with sexual harassment in a school environment. Unable to find adequate help and sufficient justice for her situation, she is forced to go through this struggle on her own. This film highlights the emotional, physical, and psychological effects that se

Stories Hope Moody, Ursuline Academy of Dallas

Three stories about sexual assault

#NiUnaMenos (No one less) Valentina Guerra Balbontin, Alicante de la florida

Ni una menos (No one less) is a movement in Latin America to end with violence against women, to finish the gender inequality, and protect her rights. The images were recorded in a protest in chile.