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Project Stand Up Abdisalam Ahmed Hussein, Amiin Mohamed Abdukadir, Ahmed Khadar, Farhiya Abshir Yusuf, Sabrin Ahmed Omar, Sabri Omar Mohsen, Ali Sudi Abukar, Omar Ahmed Mayow, Asad Aseyr Abdalla, Zakaria Mohamed Abdi, The Fugee School

Ten secondary school students (2 girls and 8 boys) in Malaysia- from Somalia, Libya, and Yemen- learn about gender equality in school and about their female classmates experience of being told she cannot teach football, because she is a girl. Having recognized that there are few women leaders, role

Project Beauty Lauren Vanatsky , Indian Hill High School

As a teenager in high school, I have seen far too many of my friends acquire eating disorders and low self esteem over the years. It is a horrible thing to see beautiful and confident girls get so impacted by the media messages that they aren't good enough how they are, that they have to become unh

Behind the closed door Nigar Halima Nishat, Chittagong Medical College

This is a story of a woman who was a victim of violence by her husband even after being a successful doctor , a mother , a wife . This is a story how she decided not to give up & get out from that hell .

Scarred Reality Halimah Tariq, The Institue Of Legal Studies(University Of London)

A short documentary based on the evils of acid attacks in Pakistan and the consequences it has wrought on four survivors of this abuse. The film also features the women responsible for uplifting the victims and rebuilding them a place in society as independent, strong and empowered individuals.

Woke Grace Goen, Alamo Heights High School

This short film is a compilation of interviews I conducted with three young women, from various backgrounds and perceptions of the world around them. The interviews were focused on the subject of beauty from our shared perspective in the western world. Questions were raised on how beauty is interpre

Estrogen Dominance from Xenohormones Kiana D. Mueller, Shepherd's Summit Christian Academy

Women are constantly assaulted by estrogens in the environment from the food they eat and the chemicals found in products they use and think are safe. It is vital that we educate ourselves to become aware of the effects of estrogen dominance. An imbalance of hormones in our bodies results in hormon

Where You Least Expect. Ariel McClendon, Wallace State Community College

This video adresses of how much women are in poverty in the world, a few reasons why women are in poverty, and how they can get themselves out of poverty. It also talks about what other people can do to help women who are in poverty.

Honest Beauty Emily Girgis, Bayonne High School

This documentary portrays brief interviews with beautiful girls found at Bayonne High School. Though they all have different personalities, they're united by a common voice; each one of them have been burdened with insecurities. So now, they gather up the courage to explain how the popularized defin

Adocentric Thoughts Tiara Islas, Instituto Bilingue Santillana del Mar

Aiming to discard all secrecy about violence, Andocentric Thoughts portraits real situations where violence is present in women's every day life. With the desire of not decreasing importance in any of the different scenarios, this short film seeks to raise awareness of this bearings, and advocate sp

The Spring Storm Polen Ly, Health Science University

From the poor condition basement, she has opened her scar to tell a storm during her spring made by her own relatives-her father.

Umai mozhikal Sukirthiny Velautham, T.Thevannath

This short film expresses the adverse effects of war to the ladies. In Sri lanka due to war many men are missing, which has made many young ladies as widow. Those ladies' problems are described in this short film. Society also does not give the respect to those young ladies who have missed their hus

X-Out Homelessness: Women Homelessness Reshini Premaratne, Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies

Women homelessness has become an increasing issue in the past two decades. In 2011, two thirds of adults receiving homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program assistance were women. Along with that, 28.7% of individuals in homelessness shelters are women, a significant increase since the 19

Identity Innocence Yuval Shavit, Eli Idunate, Anderson High School

A lesbian girl lives in a society where lesbians are not accepted and she has to figure out how to overcome the issue of people not accepting her in society.

Behind Closed Doors Sarah Rooney, William Horlick High School

A short film on the life of an avid alcoholic's daughter and what is behind her closed door.

Dear Future Daughter Mary Nazareno, Old Dominion University

In a letter to my future daughter, I inform the truth about the media's negative influence on our girls today. To combat this issue, I ask that we, as a generation, take it upon ourselves to empower young girls at an early age and educate them about the true meaning of beauty.

Perfect Khanh Nguyen, Upper Merion Area High School

Ella seemingly has the ideal "perfect" boyfriend, Jake, but she soon finds out that this isn't the case.

Silent Hall Marissa Vang, Edison High School

A girl, Ms.Vang, sits down with a pill bottle in her hand.As she gets up, she walks though a hallway of unwanted memories. As she refuses to walk down memory lane, she runs. She runs for what feels like forever until she runs into this door. This door is locked she attempts to open. It is not till s

Embrace Your Beauty Holly Gaudet, Husson University

This video is all about connecting with young girls who feel the pressures hoisted upon them at school, by family, and even friends. The idea of this video is to show that everyone has beauty inside of them- it is what makes them who they are, and we should all learn to embrace it.

Who Will Love Me Flaws & All Ciara Evans, Kenwood Academy High School

A young talented dancer struggles with self-image issues due to her perceived flaws. She feels that no one will truly love her and immerses herself into a life of dance. When a young pianist with similar insecurities comes into her life, he tries desperately to show her that he loves her. She is fac

Pretty Irene Jiang, Hannah Yang, Adora Svitak, Adrianna Svitak and Claire Yang, Interlochen Arts Academy, Redmond High School

A girl is permeated with hyper-sexualized ideas of women from a young age, and develops body image issues as she grows older.