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The Stigma Nadine Heroux, Desales University

The Stigma is a short film that delves into the topic of mental illness. In the U.S alone, it affects roughly 44 million women, men, and children every year. Nadine Heroux tackles the topic of mental illness in an effort to shatter the silent boundary around a tragedy vastly ignored by American soci

Beauty Redefined Carlie Chaussee, Simi Valley High School

Girls are "blinded' by their true beauty because of the beauty standards in today's society. In order for us to take off the blindfolds, we need to redefine what truly makes us beautiful.

When Woman Abandon their children. tahidy arreguin, great basin college

When a mother leaves her children behind we see the impact. Lets change the percentages and help mothers who need help from addiction or anything else find the help they desperately need.

The Kisaruni Learners Grace Frome, Castilleja School

A look into the daily lives and thoughts of Kisaruni Girls School students in Kenya. A rigorous and high-achieving school, Kisaruni educates girls so they can create a better life for themselves and benefit the country's social and economic situations.

The World I Want to Live In #StemsFromHer Abbie Collette, Sylvie Pryor Rosenstein, Mae Pryor Rosenstein, Abram Collette, Baxter Academy for Technology and Science

This film shares the experiences of three young women who are passionate about STEM. Seeking reassurance, these young women looked to female role models for help regaining their confidence. They were given an opportunity to express their ideas, ask questions, and engage in work that they were excite

Beyoutiful Angel Star St. James, North Coast Institute

‘Beyoutiful’ is a powerful short film that exposes the media lies that girls and women will never be good enough or truly happy unless they're a certain kind of beautiful, and explores an uplifting and empowering solution to reclaiming our woman warrior power. ‘Beyoutiful’ inspires girls

Women in the Media: The Muslim Perspective Ismaat Klaibou, Smoky Hill High School

Muslim Women are often talked about when the topic of women in the media and women's over-sexualization is brought up, but rarely are they themselves questioned. So, I questioned a few and here's what they had to say.

Street Harassment-Rolling eyes Ameerah Jaffer, Headstart School

My entire life I have been told “Don’t walk a lone at night and don’t go into dark alleys” and “change into something more conservative, we are going to the market” My question always was and is why are you raising me to think like this? Why not raise the men to not let their stare linge

Teach Her to Fish- Women Matter Carolyn Case, Ball State University

"Teach Her to Fish- Women Matter" is a short documentary film about women in Haiti starting and sustaining their own small businesses through two organizations: Creative Women of the World and Haitian Artisans for Peace International. The documentary emphasizes the importance of women establishing e

Think: Girl Ashlyn Parsons, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Numbers are sometimes the biggest thought-provokers, and bruises can be metaphors for things beyond physical pain. One in every four women will be the victim of domestic violence in their lifetime, and that is based solely off of the cases reported.

The Reality of Media Makayla Hendricks, Alta High

Now a days the media sets a high, unattainable standard for women. They convince us that what we see on TV and in the magazines are real, but they aren't, and even when we know that we still call ourselves those awful names. Words like Whore, Slut, Fat, and Ugly float around the hallways in my high

The Education of Girls is Essential to our Future Heather Middlebrook Forbes, Boston Latin School

This is my submission for the 2013 Harvard Girls Impact the World Festival. I was inspired by Tulane University’s video, and I tried to include girls and women from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I want to share the importance of girls’ education with people around the globe. Throughout

The Real Women In STEM Montaha Chowdhury, Asian University for Women

When it comes to Science in Bangladesh, women are told generally to be doctors or go to a certain field that is"suitable" for them. But Women in the STEM in Bangladesh do exist! But how many know about their experiences? And why don't we discuss this more often? When it comes to Science, Bangladesh

The Choice Samantha Sloan, Pomona High School

This is a short PSA discussing the issues of getting pregnant at a young age. The video shows a choice being presented and the effects of that choice.

A Woman's Worth Nicole Allen, University of Hawaii at Manoa

A Woman's Worth is an illustration of the oppression of women within American society. It takes the viewers through one woman's personal struggle upon being raped. The young woman is confronted with the opposition of the demeaning fashion that the media presents, while still trying to maintain a cer

I Am Woman, You are Woman, We Are Women Jordan Patten, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School

This video is discussing the ongoing problem of the media's idealistic view of a women's "true" beauty and the definition of what true beauty actually is from the view point of teenage girls.

Blame Rachael Freeman, Marietta College

A series of examples of things you would not blame people for, followed by a girl being blamed for her own rape. The dichotomy shows how ridiculous it is to blame rape victims.

" THIS IS YOU" Shana Williams, Mercy College

" THIS IS YOU" is a public service announcement geared towards girls and women that encourages them to pursue a career in the film industry behind the scenes so they create the stories that they want to see. The images that we see on television doesn't uplift our girls. They are persuaded by negati

ED Taylor Garcia, Jack C. Hays High School

Gloria is in an abusive relationship with ED. This film follows her through her journey.

Girly Things Brylie Noe, Brynna Wiese, Sikeston High School

Three young girls and one woman encounter and affected by casual and extreme instances of sexism, from the words of a stranger to the actions of those closest to them.