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Street based sex workers of Dhaka city. Neealana Naushin, Asian University for Women, Chittagong

This documentary is based on the struggle and hardship the street based sex workers of Dhaka, Bangladesh have to face in a daily basis. Their earning from per customer is of about Taka 100, which is USD 1.27 only. Neither do they have a sustainable income source nor a secure shelter or access to ess

Power To The Women Menkemndi Randy, Government Technical High School Bamenda

As a means to edify the world on the importance of the rights of women and the girl child, Clarisse artistically known as Yala brings to you this powerful message in some few words in her 5 minutes video which explains the need to value and preserve the rights of the woman and girl child, and i be

Human Trafficking in America's Heartland Meghan DeSpain, James Madison Memorial High School

A Madison Police Detective helps free a young woman from human trafficking with the help of a local nonprofit, Project RESPECT, as thousands take to the streets in support of women's rights.

I am a Woman Alexander Sennett, Benet Academy

Two young women's daily lives are plagued by abuse and oppression. Even though they suffer in different ways, they share a common goal: to overcome their situations.

Shakti Priyanka Pal, Sakshi Sharma, Asian University for Women

Create awareness about gender issues prevailing in the society. In addition how these men and women who challenge these gender roles can be powerful source of inspiration in the society. Moreover, how small NGO's are changing lives of women in villages.

Privilege Dylan Henry, Tyler Thompson, Walters State Community College

When thrust into a situation where he finds his best friend verbally abusing and degrading his mother, Dylan must help his friend see into his reality. "Privilege" delves into the lesser known side of domestic household abuse, and shows just how lucky we are to have those we love around.

It's Just Locker Room Talk Susannah Joffe, St. Stephen's Episcopal School

This film offers 5 different perspectives from people who have grown up around the world on the topic of locker room talk and rape culture.

MDIS 2 Keep me sane. Koh Kiong, Suci Nor Ziana Binte Omar, Tan Hwee Shuan Tiffany, Management Development Institute of Singapore

A Short Film that highlights the struggles of women in domestic violence who often do not have the avenue to voice their concerns and yet suffers in silence.Often resulting in mental breakdown and loneliness without anyone knowing her pain. This film hopes to raise awareness on such struggles and pr

Feminine Hygiene Around The World Sabrina Brea, PACE high school

My video focuses on feminine hygiene products around the world, particularly tampons and pads. There is an immense lack of those products in rural countries. I am bringing awareness tot he idea and speaking on how those who have the opportunity to access these products feel about it.

The Girl Experience Jordyn Kalman, Olivia Babuka, Newsome High School

I gathered high school girls to talk about their experiences and ideas about beauty in todays society and how it has affected them personally. This film takes a look into how girls really feel and how certain influences like media, societal standards, boys, and families all affect girls self esteems