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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Breasts: Nature's Life Support kalyn kane, Southwestern university

We are surrounded by chemicals that do serious damage to us. This film is focused on the effects it can have on women and their children. It is meant to spread awareness.

Catch Me Saliha Crespo, Miami Palmetto Senior High School

SFTA's first short film, written and directed by Saliha Crespo, "Catch Me", is a youth lead project used to explore the world of teen dating violence. "Catch Me" will capture audiences in critical dialogue about the impact of teen dating violence and how it intersects with real life.

Honest Beauty Samantha Venturo, Marvin Ridge High School

I interviewed women to find out what they see as beautiful.

Education, Not Altar Atiyya Tul Munim, Moi University, School of Medicine

The short film, EDUCATION, NOT ALTAR tells the story of a girl living in Kakuma refugee camp Kenya, who is since the age of 14 has been fighting a war against early child marriage. For 4 years now she has persisted and fought for her right to education. The story explores her challenges, resilience

My Friend, Ana Lidia Balanovich, Nashua High School North

Sarah is not well, but her not-so-kind friend keeps telling her otherwise. A short film that brings awareness to what it's like to struggle with an eating disorder, something one in every one hundred women around the world experience every day.

#NiUnaMenos (No one less) Valentina Guerra Balbontin, Alicante de la florida

Ni una menos (No one less) is a movement in Latin America to end with violence against women, to finish the gender inequality, and protect her rights. The images were recorded in a protest in chile.

Girls Impact "Honest Beauty" Samantha Lock, Ball High School

An interview with 5 high school seniors girls, and 2 women teachers. Them being honest about their beauty and telling their stories through a series of questions asked, edited together, blending their inner voices creating only one.

Is This All That I'm Worth? Kendall Milton , Loyola Marymount University

Rose flees an abusive home only to be coaxed in by an alluring and cold woman who roofies her and takes her to a menacing pimp who beats Rose into submission. Rose finds herself living a life of never ending horror working as a modern day slave in the sex trafficking business,

L.I.M.B.S (Love Isn't My Bruised Skin) Savannah Campbell, Salem County Vocational Technical Schools

This is a fictional account of a girl who was raped by her boyfriend at a party. After she tells her peers what has happened, they accuse her of making it up for attention and other stereotypical things rape and assault victims are told. Her boyfriend doesn't take the accusations lightly and continu

Unimaginable: Discovering the horrors of life as a girl in rural Kenya Chloe Evans, Huntington University Peoria, Az

This documentary looks at the unimaginable lives of girls on the run. My family travels to Kenya to visit our sponsored child and we come face to face with the barbaric practice of FGM which is still alive and practiced in these rural parts of Kenya and many other parts of the world.

Girls Impact the World Video --"As Stilettos Walks By" Mary Michelle Pearce, Palmetto Christian Academy

The poem narrated video walks you through the life of the prostitute in order to shed light on her plight. It reveals her broken background and the men that abused her and made her feel inferior. Then it brings you to her everyday job as you are looking on. The purpose of the poem is to convict all

Days and Nights in War Shorif Sonia, Asian University for Women

This short film is just a glimpse of what the women from the war affected countries have been experiencing. Every war victim has a story, but they have become mute, they are traumatized.

To Be a Woman Jacqueline de Gorter, William Amos Hough High School

This is a short film that displays the struggles that woman face today, while also suggesting ways in which we can eliminate these struggles. The unrealistic standard of beauty society sets, the objectification of women in media and gender inequality in the workplace are all topics that this film ta

The Warrior Within You Alicia Reynoso, Westminster College

This music video is for women and helping them understand what their talents can do for them. My friend Nadia Lawrence is the singer and songwriter and my other friend Anna Deland is the figure skater. The point was bringing out their talents and showing the world how a talented woman can overcome a

Bits and Pieces Cara Fano, Mandy Garelick, Boston University

Bits of a woman's life are shattered in one night, and with the help of a special companion, she is able to pick up the pieces and change her life.

Seeing Oppression Amber McCloskey , Western High School

People say they see abused victims and would do anything to help them, but in reality when an abused woman is looking them in the face they refuse to see her. Women face this battle on their own. If someone would just step in and tell her they will help, they could save her.

It's Just Locker Room Talk Susannah Joffe, St. Stephen's Episcopal School

This film offers 5 different perspectives from people who have grown up around the world on the topic of locker room talk and rape culture.

Begin Again Blake Berkabile, Somerset Academy Skypointe

The refugee crisis is at an all time high, and women everywhere are being mistreated. This documentary film follows two women who escaped their circumstances to "Begin Again" in the United States to provide better lives for themselves.

Flightless Amanda Neuhouser, Southern Illinois University

In the aftermath of a sexual assault, a young woman battles her emotional scarring as she carries through her morning routine getting ready for school.

Empowerment Through Integration: A Portrait of Sara Minkara Gloria Hong, Harvard University

A short film about Sara, a blind individual who aspires to promote social empowerment among blind youth in underserved countries.