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The Senses of Beauty Melissa Aguilar, Acero Major Hector P. Garcia MD High School

In my video, I explain my meaning of beauty standards. How machismo/society has tried to control my life and who I should be as a young woman.

Honest Beauty - A Commentary Kirsten Lam, Northville High School

What is beauty? This film seeks to explore the concept of beauty in society, followed by a personal interpretation from the creator of the film, Kirsten Lam, and those of other girls/women in her community.

Defining beauty Norhan Qasem, Normandale Community College

A poem about what it means to be beautiful.

It's Time To Talk Pauline Schrott, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

A troupe of young women ventured out to find the answer to the question "How can we help young women be more at peace with themselves so that they can go out and create positive change for the world?" This led them down many streets and alleys in Hong Kong, holding conversations with both men and w

Paint your Beauty Leala Ho, Norcross High School

This video is for the GITW Film Festival and Honest Beauty. In this video, I've asked several friends to PAINT their definition of beauty as they discuss the topic. We each have our own idea of what beauty truly means to us. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about beauty, so this brings awareness ab

Imago Dei Kelsia Cadet, Nassau community college

Colorism has deeply infected the hearts of the black American communities. It has been ingrained throughout generations to believe that beauty only stems from a Eurocentric standard. The character describes her trying to obtain western beauty standards by lightening her skin and straightening her ha

It's All a Rouge Mae Sebastian, La Pietra Hawai'i School for Girls

A teen named April has no motivation whatsoever to prepare for senior prom. Unfortunately for April, her best friend Kat has the total opposite mindset. Kat drags April out of bed and out of her comfort zone, with the intention of taking a cake faced April to prom with her. But is April really at he

My beautiful self Rebecca Gorman, Washington Community High School

This is my story, and my take on what it means to beautiful in today's society

To Be Alone Kaitlin Lederer, Paul V Moore High School

This is a short film following the daily life of a “normal” teenager with an eating disorder.

Beauty in Today’s World Katie Cashman, Exeter High School

This Video features Mary Joe Brown, President and founder of New Hampshire women’s foundation, Cindy Khoury who is a US Air Force veteran and stay at home mom, a fellow high school student named Ella, and myself Catherine Cashman. I created This video because I truly want to get the word out on th