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Bloom Amari Franks, Homewood Flossmoor High School

Women explain how the word beauty defines them and the issues they have had with it.

Flightless Amanda Neuhouser, Southern Illinois University

In the aftermath of a sexual assault, a young woman battles her emotional scarring as she carries through her morning routine getting ready for school.

Honest Beauty Emily Girgis, Bayonne High School

This documentary portrays brief interviews with beautiful girls found at Bayonne High School. Though they all have different personalities, they're united by a common voice; each one of them have been burdened with insecurities. So now, they gather up the courage to explain how the popularized defin

Covered Up Brenna Koch, Marian Central Catholic High School

I made this short video to show an example of how girls, especially teenagers, in society today feel the need to cover up their flaws. With the use of makeup, I had the girls in my video write a word on their face that symbolized their biggest insecurity, then try to cover it up with makeup. When th

Who defines beauty? (and society's view of beauty) Sierra Vander Zee, Sioux Falls Christian High School

This video was meant to raise awareness and give a voice to those who have battled or who are battling an eating disorder. Society's standard's of beauty are unrealistic and its time that women realize who really defines their beauty.

"Pretty" Kayla Allen, Chaparral High School

This film tells a story that many young girls can identify with, the story of feeling unsatisfied with ones appearance, and feeling as if you have nothing else to offer. It includes an interview with a ten year old girl as well the cinematic portion itself.

Your Definition Willow Palmer, Palisades High School

Every woman, no matter what shape, size, or color, is beautiful and unique in her own way. Women are surrounded by so much and will be told so many things that bring them down. Women need to overcome all of it and conquer the world in all of their beauty.

Beauty In A Society of Perfectionist Austin R. Hall, Virginia Tech

In this film we dive into societies set terms on how women must transition through life. With four distinct seasons, we can see how women must persevere through life with constant social norms set against them. In the story the question is asked, are women subject to go through life in a set order,

Redefining Beauty: The Power of a Personal Look Zoe Shields, Chattanooga Christian School

As a means to highlight natural beauty and the role cosmetics play in enhancing it. “Redefining Beauty: The Power of a Personal Look” portrays the intimate experience of daily makeup application.

Pose Madelynne Hewett, Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

A commentary on the psychological impact the media has on women. Sadly, it has become the norm to find various commercials and ad campaigns setting beauty standards for young women. This film takes a look into the mental chaos that ensues with the idea of perfection.