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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

We Are Beautiful Irl Paulalengan, Rangeview High School

This film is a documentary of what people see themselves, and it shows the between of people when they are being asked on social media or on the spot. Coming from the oppression group of community made me think what do these people thought about themselves and how they see beauty.

Answer Me This Sarah Jarrell, NC School of Science and Math

The world today is getting smarter, trying to correct past mistakes. Answer Me This portrays the fact that this generation of girls empower themselves, regardless of what society thinks. However, media has taken its toll on self-image and women are still negatively affected. This project is one of r

The Note Jessica Calvin , Hazen High School

A note is passed around a classroom and every girl who sees the note has a different reaction. What could they possibly be reading?

I am Beautiful Kristelle Dirks, Homeschool

I talk about my struggle with my appearance and how I've come to realize that beauty is more than what you see on the outside, it's what's on the inside that truly matters.

Gaze Sydney Holt, Catherine Vo, Saint Agnes Academy

All Jasmine's mother wants is for her daughter to be free of the oppression, sexism, and fear she has dealt with. As Jasmine grows up, she is challenged by events that leave her hurt and conflicted. She questions the power the male gaze has over her, battles with sexism, and deals with sexual harass

Reflections Tamsen Simpson, Melbourne High School

A young artist is facing self esteem issues as she is painting portraits, yet doesn't find herself in anyway to be beautiful.

What is Beauty? Bethany Williams, Niobrara County High School

"What is Beauty?" is a video that teaches girls what true beauty is, what it is not, and how they can obtain it.

The "F" Word: A Documentary On Feminism Hailey French, Savannah College of Art and Design

Women talk about what feminism means to them and what they do in their everyday lives to further the idea of equal rights.

Puberty Tran,Quoc,Dai, University of Architecture

That is a story about something happen with my friend when she get older... :)) but that''s not at all, to many things to explain, to describe and to understand not simple you think about the puberty with a girl...

Joel Smallbone & the Priceless Movement Brayden Meadors, West Stanly High School

As a member of the Christian rock band "For King and Country" Joel Smallbone is sharing a message special to his heart about the true beauty of women from each concert stage. The "Priceless Movement" expanded in 2016 to include women trafficking as he helped bring awareness to that cause in the mot