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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Mirage Emily McClanahan, Crockett High School

A mirage is an optical illusion and can be something that appears to be real but is not actually. This a metaphor for one’s perception of beauty and about the importance of diversity in the media and how it can affect self-esteem and body image. Told through a spoken word poem, and brought to li

Wonderfully Made Natalee Deaton, Alpha Omega Academy

The degrading of women is so common today. Girls believe they are "not good enough" for themselves or anyone else. However common, this belief is 100% false.

How You See Us Susannah Joffe, St. Stephen's episcopal school

This experimental film explores both female beauty and the over sexualization of women

My non existing small penis Anastasia Utaraite, UWC Maastricht

This is a film based on the spoken word "my non existing small penis" about what girls are expected to be, to do in the society and a rebels who are not going to follow the "rules"

Defining Beauty Samantha Penor, Sami Penor , Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas

This video presentation is based on an original speech written for my 10th grade English class where I wrote on my reaction to society's standards of beauty. Before writing the speech, we were instructed to select a topic we were most passionate about. I demonstrate my passion and perspective on the

Strength Maria Baeza, John F. Kennedy High School

A film that talks about eating disorders with teens, and women in general and goes in depth with statistics and a hotline number to seek help. It brings awareness and realization to people all over the world who may struggle with a disorder or know someone who does.

A Forgotten Story Ria Hegde, Hofstra University

This short film is about the struggles that many people go through every day. This video is dedicated to every person who has ever felt that they are less than perfect. No matter what, know that you are beautiful and worth it.

Spoken Lies Chanel (prefer Grace) Frankowski, Crystal Lake Central High School

Girls are not self-confident these days. The sad thing is that few recognize that they are beautiful. In fact, every girl is beautiful in their own way. Throughout this video, I will cover girls' self-confidence and imperfections.

Body Shaming: Past, Present, & Future Kelsey Rago, Grand Canyon University

Beauty is everywhere: it's also in the eye of the beholder. As of today, beauty is curves, however, in the past, the "perfect" body type was considered to be abnormally skinny. If body shaming isn't irradicated what's to say our future kids won't be filled with low self-esteem along with having a ne

Slut-Shaming Women and Girls in Social Media Stephanie Klotz, University of Pittsburgh

In a world where people can hide behind anonymous screens and usernames, what happens to our young girls who want to share images from their life?