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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

The Undeniable Beauty Within Us Terezie Cizkova, SZŠ Brno, Jaselska High School

This video is dedicated to all the young women all over the world struggling with a low confidence, or struggling of being single. With this video I want to inspire and motivate other girls to focus on themselves, on their wishes, goals and dreams before anything else, and to find their purpose in t

Girls Impact "Honest Beauty" Samantha Lock, Ball High School

An interview with 5 high school seniors girls, and 2 women teachers. Them being honest about their beauty and telling their stories through a series of questions asked, edited together, blending their inner voices creating only one.

Honest Beauty Amber Bahlmann, Lincoln Land Community College

this is a video of me putting on my daily makeup with a voice over of me reciting a poem wrote by myself. this video is hoped to encourage girls of all ages to realize they do not need makeup and should feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

Who Will Love Me Flaws & All Ciara Evans, Kenwood Academy High School

A young talented dancer struggles with self-image issues due to her perceived flaws. She feels that no one will truly love her and immerses herself into a life of dance. When a young pianist with similar insecurities comes into her life, he tries desperately to show her that he loves her. She is fac

Body Talk Rebecca Grossman, Smith College

Body Talk is a short documentary that explores young women's relationships with their bodies.

Spotlight: Sleepyhaze Candace Ho, UCLA

Electronic musician, Sleepyhaze, unravels the true definition of beauty through her eyes.

Covered Up Brenna Koch, Marian Central Catholic High School

I made this short video to show an example of how girls, especially teenagers, in society today feel the need to cover up their flaws. With the use of makeup, I had the girls in my video write a word on their face that symbolized their biggest insecurity, then try to cover it up with makeup. When th

Becoming Grace Goen, Alamo Heights High School

This video documents the sometimes overwhelming experience that accompanies shopping. The emotions people find behind the adds they are pressured to live up too.

"Us Girls" Jennifer Cruz-Amel, International Polytechnic High School

This video is here to raise awareness to other girls out there who feel like society is shaping, molding, and sculpting the way a girl should think, act, look, and be. We shouldn't be manipulated, and we get to do what we want with our bodies.

Unrealistic Expectations McKenna Harbison, Lemont High School

Detailing the expectations society holds regarding beauty and how this affects teenage girls.