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Volunteer woman in leadership Louyov, Cambodia University

Volunteer woman in leadership is a short film that shows about Sophea who is kind, friendly, and a role model in her community. It is a film that our volunteer team does our best for writing, shooting and editing. I’m feeling so grateful that we’ve got young Cambodian support us to produce this

What is True Beauty? Katelyn N Stanton, Trumann High School

In this short documentary, I dive in to the true definition of beauty. By asking women around my school what they thought beauty meant personally and in today's society, I was able to create a collection of videos that shows what true beauty is. Beauty is not a set of rules; beauty can be anything t

Ephemeral Attribute Xochitl Osiris Torres, Burbank High School

An expose about Honest Feminine Beauty. Society has indoctrinated us with the belief that real beauty is interior beauty, when in reality, and according to all the world's dictionaries, the definition of beauty refers to exterior characteristics. If women don't obtain these qualities, it doesn't

Truth and Beauty Amrita Bhasin, Menlo-Atherton High School

This film shows the definition of beauty from different perspectives and explains how beauty does not have a set definition. It raises awareness about ideal body weight, misrepresentations of beauty in society and the media's effect on girls' confidence. The film proposes solutions to redefining hon

Menstruation-It's time to talk about it Lauren Traum, Castilleja School

This short documentary explores what it means to have a menstrual cycle and how we can work together to make menstruation a less taboo topic. We need to celebrate all of the beauty that our menstrual cycles have the potential to offer.

You are Beautiful Taylor Lee, West Career and Technical Academy

The trend of beauty becomes more and more influential on women and girls throughout the world with each second that pasts. A woman’s standard of beauty should not be defined from deceptive sources but rather from a source that is known best- herself. When the event arose of a march specifically

What it means to be "beautiful" Meiraf Dawit, Plano East Senior High

Discussing the actual meaning of what it means to be beautiful and not what society makes it today

Beauty on Instagram Victoria Campbell, University of Wisconsin La Crosse

A group of girls were asked questions pertaining to their perception of beauty in a social media dominated world. The questions pertained to the social media app Instagram. They asked questions regarding their usage of the app and how it affects what beauty means to them. In the interview, the girls

Girls Impact The World Yaritza Rodriguez , Thomas Kelly High school

This video is about the real meaning of beauty and how women should be treated in society. Women have the right to speak up and feel confident and beautiful about themselves. We shouldn't let anybody bring any women down, you are beautiful just the way you are and that's all that matters .

Beautiful Lies Chinaza Ochi, Shelby Redman, Harvard College; Yale College

The standard of beauty in our current age is at best confusing. It is hard to understand what constitutes as true beauty when the trends and qualifications are constantly changing. To highlight this we tried to show how ridiculous it is to try to keep up. We purposely used a vertical composition in