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Make up... Do we really need it? Sydney Brenner, Cave Spring High School

The first part of my video is of my two friends and I. We all were timed to see how long it would take us to get "dolled" up or do our makeup and hair. My point in the first part of this video is to show that putting on makeup and doing you hair takes a long time and it is not necessary. In the seco

Honest Beauty Miranda Grubb, Homeschool

I wrote a short poem summarizing my feelings of what beauty means to me and how that compares to the women in my life. I set this poem to clips I filmed of my town and the surrounding area.

Perfectly Imperfect Shirley Vilsaint, Immokalee High School

In today's society, the definition of beauty has been redefined. Beauty has become the use of makeup and plastic surgery to fix all possible flaws. This video empowers young women everywhere to learn that the true meaning of beauty is not about LOOKS. It's about who they are on the inside and how th

Honest Beauty Lenratha So, Sisowat High School

Feeling beautiful is exquisitely beautiful which every girl deserves to be. Always be YOU and don't let the opinion of others drag you down.

Crayons Emily Hester, Abby Opferman, Kern Valley High

Crayons come in all different shapes and sizes. People are the same way, yet media makes it seem as if there is only one shape. Various women discuss the problem with media and how beauty is viewed because of it, while also proposing solutions to help.

A Heart of Gold Lauren Thielen, International Polytechnic High School

This short film depicts how the ideals of beauty have changed over the last 40 years. It is a comparison between my life growing up in Southern California with my mom's childhood in Mexico. I struggled with my body image, but she helped me find my confidence through it all.

An Open Letter to Women Rachel Williams, Prosper High School

My video is promoting and encouraging the acceptance and tolerance of women in general, as they often go or feel unappreciated or are disadvantaged when it comes to many aspects of life, such as the wage gap, rape culture, etc. I want to represent what women CAN do despite these obstacles, and how t

Honest Beauty: Real Answers Vivianna Delgado, Brownwood High School

This video raises awareness of Honest Beauty. It highlights what real girls think about the topic, and how it is a serious problem.

Beautiful | GIRLS IMPACT THE WORLD FILM FESTIVAL Orchee Sorker, Jackson Christian School

This documentary portrays honest beauty. I interviewed various females of different roles (teachers, students, mothers, teenagers, children, etc.) and asked their perception of true beauty. I filmed, gathered information regarding this topic and created this awareness video.

Beautiful People Olivia Owens, Prosper High Shool

Portrays a young girl going through daily life with feminine struggles that are affected by the media. Shifts into a more documentary style video after and provides definitions of beauty by different people.