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Duality Mary Welch, Kiara Xolo, St. Thomas More High School

The media often tends to misrepresent women and the definition of beauty, which has its deleterious effects on girls and what they think of their selves and others. Beauty is not defined by gender, society, a stereotype, a trend, or the media. Beauty is what makes you confident and happy with your

Beauty Is Paige Bounds, Bob Jones High School

In this video, I asked girls around my school their opinion and thoughts on women's beauty and how the media portrays it. Then I got their thoughts on their own beauty and found out what each person thought was beautiful.

Power To The Women Menkemndi Randy, Government Technical High School Bamenda

As a means to edify the world on the importance of the rights of women and the girl child, Clarisse artistically known as Yala brings to you this powerful message in some few words in her 5 minutes video which explains the need to value and preserve the rights of the woman and girl child, and i be

Say it, Believe it. Anya Salmen, Peak to Peak Charter School

The media has been influencing our ideal image of beauty since birth, why should it have any say? I asked six strangers in Boulder, Colorado for their time, opinions, and an opportunity to try to raise awareness of the unwarranted and subconscious effect the media has on our self-perceptions. Hear w

Dear Girls of Tomorrow Brooke Madson, Liberty University

Dear Girls of Tomorrow is an open letter written in the form of a poem to the girls of future generations. It brings to light the issues of beauty in today's world, and it encourages the girls in the future to look at their inward beauty instead of what's on the outside.

MDIS 3 Insecurities Palugaswewa Rashmika Piyumanthi, Hasita Chandra Kumar, Feriza Andini Sebayang, Erica Izene Arciaga Giere, Management Development Institute of Singapore

Documentary on women facing their own insecurities and the struggles to acknowledge the perfect inner beauty within themselves.It revolves around a group of strangers who realized and acknowledged the importance of believing in themselves knowing that others may find perfections within the perceived

An Original Julia Ubertini Film: Instagram Julia Ubertini, New Hanover High School

This short documentary zeroes in on teenage girls battling with the infamous social media channel Instagram. The young women debate the pros and cons of the channel as well as the mental effects on their mind and spirit.

An All Too Common Story Lindsey Miller, Indian Creek High School

A short film highlighting the life of an american teenager surrounded by edited and unrealistic images of women in a culture obsessed with weight and appearance determining self worth, and their effects on her mental and physical health.

The Girl Experience Jordyn Kalman, Olivia Babuka, Newsome High School

I gathered high school girls to talk about their experiences and ideas about beauty in todays society and how it has affected them personally. This film takes a look into how girls really feel and how certain influences like media, societal standards, boys, and families all affect girls self esteems

An Open Letter to Women Rachel Williams, Prosper High School

My video is promoting and encouraging the acceptance and tolerance of women in general, as they often go or feel unappreciated or are disadvantaged when it comes to multiple aspects of life, such as the wage gap, rape culture, etc. I want to represent what women CAN do despite these obstacles, and h