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Unimaginable: Discovering the horrors of life as a girl in rural Kenya Chloe Evans, Huntington University Peoria, Az

This documentary looks at the unimaginable lives of girls on the run. My family travels to Kenya to visit our sponsored child and we come face to face with the barbaric practice of FGM which is still alive and practiced in these rural parts of Kenya and many other parts of the world.

Education, Not Altar Atiyya Tul Munim, Moi University, School of Medicine

The short film, EDUCATION, NOT ALTAR tells the story of a girl living in Kakuma refugee camp Kenya, who is since the age of 14 has been fighting a war against early child marriage. For 4 years now she has persisted and fought for her right to education. The story explores her challenges, resilience

Part-Time Love Tiana Malhotra, Abbotsleigh School for Girls

The film follows the experience of my grandma in her fifty-year long marriage to my grandfather which reflects the patriarchal tendencies of Indian society then and till this day. The subtle behaviours expected by society which invoke women to be submissive and conform to gender stereotypes is what

More Than Just child Bearers Ana Santiago, Tabita Barakagwira, Presbyterian Pan American School

This video is a combination of interviews with three women at the "Hospital del Niño y la Mujer" in Queretaro, Mexico, and teenagers from Colombia, Hungary, South Korea, Kenya, Rwanda, America, and China. The women give their personal experience with pregnancy and education, and the girls give thei

Far Away Friends: Education is for Everyone Marissa Zamudio, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

Marissa Zamudio, a first-year college student at Cal Poly SLO, discusses her immersion trip to Uganda in summer of 2017 with a small nonprofit called Far Away Friends. Through recall of her experiences, issues affecting girls and women in Uganda are brought to light. With a focus on sustainable deve

Fatna nadine,kamal,farag, German university in Egypt

a 16 years old suffering from what her society and family is forcing her on how she has to live her life according to their traditions. early marriage ,no education , and gender discrimination are the main things they are thinking about so she thought she should change that by changing herself into

Let me Breath with my Dream Novera Hasan Nikkon, Jagannath University Dhaka, Bangladesh.

‘Let me Breath with my Dream’ is a documentary film on the issue of Child marriage. In Bangladesh child marriage is a strong social custom and has the fourth highest rate of child marriage in the world. Due to cultural setting, girls are regarded here as an economic burden and are expected to m

Not my child Anastasiia Lysogorova Alekseevna, American University of Central Asia

Early pregnancy is a huge issue in the entire world. A girl who gets pregnant decides to get rid of the child. Her boyfriend leaves her alone. She listens to her friend because she is scared that her parents or relatives will know about the child.

Second sex Shukrullah, Kabul university

This film shows the problems of Afghan women in one shot in defend duration of their lives

Let Girls be Girls Leah Maldonado, Portland State University

I volunteered to lead a cohort of Sunnyside Environmental School students to educate them about the global consequences of child marriage. We focused on how education is often taken from young girl's lives in order to support early marriage, then explored how this negatively impacts not only the vic