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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Educating Women and Girls Esther Boamah, Montgomery College

This film helps to raise awareness on the importance of educating women and young girls in society. It also suggests steps that could be taken in order to fix the education-gap that is seen in a lot of societies.

Girls and the Environment Nicole Luhrs, Chaparral High School

Hand-drawn writing and pictures informing the public about the environment and how it impacts girls today, with a video of children dancing at the end.

Teen Preganancy- Animation Brianna Criddle, University of Washington

This video examines how hard it is for a teen to be a mother and the responsibilities of dealing with it while having to balance school life all combine into an animated sequence. This video gives you an idea of how difficult it is being a teen mother while stating how it's not worth it and to thin

More Than Here Gabriella Cisneros, Mishicot High School

A short animation that illustrates how females are ostracized in societies throughout the world. It suggests what women could do if they were given the chance. It ends with websites that allow the viewer to help the oppressed gender rise in the world with one simple gift: education.

Little Woman Hanalie Albiso, UP Diliman

Little Woman is the story of Sheila, a 14-year-old girl forced to grow up and leave her childhood dreams because of the circumstances brought about by her early pregnancy.

the white lie Jin Chuan, Communication University of China

The Wihte Lie The two old people. The women was seriously ill for many years, unable to care for herself and lost the basic language skills. Due to health reasons, the old women only have the husband and pass time in the world of television . Did not expect the only child died in an accident .The c

The future is now Ekaterina Berkita, SOUTH URAL STATE UNIVERSITY

Little girl plays with dolls first, and then marries

A Chance For Life Sabrina Ahmadzai, Philadephia Academy Charter High School

"A Chance For Life" is a short documentary focused on the main problems faced by females in society today, especially towards the females in countries where they have no rights as well as preventing them to receive an education. I want to bring awareness towards this imbalance, the status of women i

Utopia Arnab Mondal,Amrita Saha,Shubham Ghosh,Rudradev Bhattacharya,Pariplab Chakroborty,Tanmoy Ganguly,Debalin Roy, Koushik Maity, Aishariya Ghosh,Rohit Mookherjee, Ghatal Vidyasagar High School

A teenage boy while going on the road sees some traditional incidents(like child marriage, water wastage) that are pervading our Society. One night he saw beautiful Dream of an ideal world. He realizes that together we can stop these type of evils. All we need a little effort from all.

Teenage pregnancy Emmanuela, Alimlim, University of Toronto

This film aims to let people know that teenage pregnancy is increasing at very high rate in our world. It also aims to show the reasons why the situation increases instead of decreasing. It asks all people to join hands in fighting teenage pregnancy