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Early marriage | Fadi Qadi Fadi Iyad Qadi , Friends Boys School

This film was produced in January 2013 by me. I am Fadi Qadi and I am the one who speaks in the film. I used several pictures and several pieces of music to convey my message.

The Incurable Pain Amidst the Hills Rasani Shrestha, Asian University for Women

This short film has tried to capture the situation of women who are dealing with the problem of uterus prolapse in Jajarkot, one of the under developed districts of Nepal. This problem has revealed various cultural aspects of society such as early marriage which is hindering the health status as wel

Childhood Interrupted Annie Gersh, Marlborough School

In this short film, I contrast the life of a young American teen with the lives of young girls living in developing countries.

This Is A Girl Jordyn Roach, University of Oregon

This curated film gives an overview of several problems women all over the world face today, and presents a solution to these problems that must be pursued. The painting of the face represents that these obstacles are faced by women of many ethnicities.

The Way To Freedom Shorif Sonia, Asian University For Women (AUW)

In this film, I compared our world as a car. A car can't move forward if two wheels are unequal. In our society, men our superior than women. If we want the world to move forward then we have to bring equality and make a change. I showed a whole story to show how we can change everything. The story

Because I am a Girl Azmina Karim, Asian University for Women

In the twenty-first century, while men and women work together at home as well as in the national economy, there are some cases where women are still considered inferior to men. In the patriarchal society women are always subject to violence, and violence is used to control them and silent them. Of

Teen&Child Marriage(awareness video) Lidia Flores, Tahquitz High School

At the beginning of my video, a short story is laid out about a girl who's forced to marry a man. Once this happens she becomes pregnant and after this, the video just explains more about Teen and Child marriage.

Don't Leave Her Behind Kate Diaz, suburb

This summer I was asked to write a song for the United Nations newly established International Day of the Girl on 10.11.12. Then that morning I heard what happened to Malala, and so then I dedicated the song to her. When I wrote it, the first part of the song was inspired in part by a girl I met