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The Real Women In STEM Montaha Chowdhury, Asian University for Women

When it comes to Science in Bangladesh, women are told generally to be doctors or go to a certain field that is"suitable" for them. But Women in the STEM in Bangladesh do exist! But how many know about their experiences? And why don't we discuss this more often? When it comes to Science, Bangladesh

Code Like A Girl Sofia Ongele, Albert Einstein Academy

Women and girls make up only 18% of computer science graduates. If we want innovations of the future to have diversity of thought and creation, women need to be a part of the conversation. To solve this, we need more girls to learn to code. The results are astounding, just watch what happens when a

If The World Was A School Nivaal Rehman, Maryam Rehman, Sinclair Secondary School

The documentary, "If The World Was A School" follows the story of the filmmakers Maryam and Nivaal Rehman's experience in being twin activists for girls education since they were eight years old. The story unfolds with the first visit the twins made to the girls' government school in their village t

The Importance of the ERA Jessica Theis, James Hubert Blake High School

Major General Linda L. Singh is the 19th Adjutant General of Maryland. In this interview she discusses the impact of the 19th Amendment, the E.R.A. and her thoughts on equal pay.

Rupani Foundation,Transforming Lives ( Sherina's Story) Zohaib, Haider, University of Peshawar

This short documentary is the story of Sherina. She was born in a village of Gojal, Gilgit. Her mother got divorced when she was young and her step mother does not allow her to go to school. She had a strong desire to get education and she had a dream to be a teacher. Sherina bears all the hardships

Zarina's Recipe of Dream Life Lami Sha, Karakurm International University

Zarina is from Hundur Yaseen, a small village of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. Zarina was born when there wasn't yet the trend of education, especially girls' education. And most of the people were very poor and backward. She gets married in only 15 years. She decides to educate all her children in ver

Sports: Not a Slam Dunk Nicole Statler, Millennium High School

The wage gape between Male and Female counterparts skyrockets as the playing field is taken to the elite level. Professional athletes has taken tremendous steps back when it comes to gender equality. This video is here to bring light to just how small female athletes are in the male world of sports.

Why Some Women End Up With Noting After Divorce? Shereen Nidal Nanish, Jordan Media Institute

Why Some Women End Up With Noting After Divorce? What is the real problem? the lack of awareness? or the weak legal system? or the culture? A woman who got a divorce recently tells us her story, and how she ended up having nothing after years of hard working. In addition, we are going to listen to

I'm not what you see Yrys, AUCA

what to wear if you are criticized all the time? What to wear if people already have their prejudices? We often judge without knowing people's background.

Maria: Cradle of Independence Edwin Campos, Lone Star College Cy Fair

The documentary highlights the background, education, and views of a young Hispanic female immigrant student from Mexico. Maria, Princeton University student, has accomplished far into academics, but it has not been easy at all. She details hardships she personally has encountered into her universit