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A Journey Manasi, Kochhar, Deens Academy

In rural India, women often face various social issues such as child marriage, violence, abuse, child labour, etc. They find themselves in a vicious cycle which does not allow them to grow in or out of it. This is the journey of a housemaid, Munni who refuses to succumb to the constraints of an

Through a Child's Eye Kelsey Roy, Natick High School

Children look at the world through a lens of innocence, so what do they see when faced with the gender pay gap? The gender pay gap is a complicated issue in America, and "Through a Child's Eye" explores and explains it.

Creating Change for Women Kiera Quinn, Darien High School

This is a video to portray the needs we still face on an international stage with development of women rights in third world countries, the progress that can and will be made, and the changes we have enacted so far.

What I learned in class today Sarah Turner, Metropolitan State University of Denver

This is the kind of education young women are receiving not only inside, but also outside the classroom as well.

Educating a Community Amrita Bhasin, Menlo-Atherton High School

This film addresses the importance of educating young girls and women. Set in India through the interviews of a maid and cook, we see how education for girls and women is viewed in their small town. Educating women and girls is vital because you are really educating everyone. An Indian proverb state

Giving a voice Akriti Manandhar, Asian University for Women

This documentary is about a cleaner working at Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It shows the social and economic challenges she has to face while supporting her family through her earnings. It is an effort to give a voice to what she has to say about the society she is living in

Who Made Your Clothes? Emily Cahill, Loveland High School

This video raises awareness about the effects on women in third-world countries from working in sweatshops and factories.

Samuel's House: More Than A Shelter Arielle R. Feldman, William T. McFatter Technical High School

Despite being a major tourist and party city, Key West, Florida has a pressing homeless epidemic. To combat this, local activist Elmira Leto started Samuel's House, an organization that helps struggling women and their families live happy, healthy and productive lives.

18 Ways Women Undo Gender Nazifa Alizada, Asian University for Women

While gender equality has come a long way in most developing countries, stereotypes and gender expectations still actively shape people's lives. This video shows how women and girl in different contexts respond to gender expectations and sexist remarks.

Our Host Mothers Peter Ackerman, University of Vermont

I studied a year abroad in Denmark, focusing on Foreign Aid and Development. As a part of our studies we lived in Rakai District, Uganda where we lived with local families, all of them headed by females. This is short video peaking into the lives of our Ugandan host mothers, all leaders in their com