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Zann Ayesha Siddiq, Super Nova College

A biography of the struggles of a woman, Saeeda, from the tribal areas of Pakistan. Married at the age of 12, she had to learn how to drive at the age of 16 when her husband got disabled, to provide sustenance to the family. A heroic deed in an extremely conservative culture.

Kanyambo Impano Blaise Nicolas, University of Tourism and Technology in Rwanda

Kanyambo, 11 years old girl, dream to compete in a tyre race, usually reserved for boys, Her mother Miss Alice, changed by the society, she force her daughter to always stay at home . Mr Harera, the owner of the Boys Tyre club, try to stop Kanyambo from racing in the competition. And Kanyambo

Good Threads Needlepoint Belts Griffin Olis, Karl Jungquist, Athens High School

Haitian women in a small impoverished Dominican town create beautiful needlepoint belts to support their family and achieve economic independence.

The Ripple Effect Sarah Jahaan Khan, Headstart School

'The Ripple Effect' shows how access to safe water has transformed the lives of rural women in Pakistan. When seasonal patterns began to change and rainfall became scarce, these women adopted methods of conserving rainwater. Not only do girls like Deeba no longer have to make the back breaking 8 kil

I just want to be happy. Brenda Sanchez, Uplift Williams Preparatory

The unrealistic beauty standards that our society holds today affects every single girl. It does not matter whether she is rich or poor, those beauty standards and prejudices are out to haunt her in nearly every stage of her life starting from as early as 7 years old. Young girls need to know that o

Vacuum Beneath Their Wings Ananya Singh, Delhi Public School , Sushant Lok

This is a documentary that takes us to the slums of India and discusses the the problems that millions of women around the world face every day. It shows us the importance of education and basic rights. It also features the story of a woman who has had to go through the brutality of domestic violen

I can, even if I am a woman! Kubra Jafari, American University Of Afghanistan

This is a documentary about an Afghan woman who has a business in sport. She has established a center for women to come and exercise there. Through training in fitness, gymnastic, and Zomba she can earn profit to reach to financial independence. Though, Afghanistan is a male dominated country but sh

The Glass Ceiling Mia Rollins, Ana Little-Sana, e3Civic High

The Glass Ceiling is the story of women facing and overcoming the social, political, and economic inequity's faced by women. Told from the perspective of activists, attorney's, politicians and students.

HERspective Jessica Shalvey, Abigail Mumma, Patriot High School

For this film, we interviewed around twenty-five high school students, our peers, on what they believe to be the biggest issues that women face in both America and the world today. We wanted to see the mindsets of those in the next generation of leaders, and learn about how we can work towards a bet

An Egalitarian Society Tobechukwu Alozie, State University of New York at Albany

In some societies, especially developing ones like mine, education of females is relegated due to poverty or cultural inclinations. The responsibility of taking care of the needs of the family rests solely on the male and as such, family living standards are usually not so high. Educating the female