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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

LIFE Phuong Vu Hoang, Hanoi University of Sciency and Technology

This short film was made to raise people's awareness about these issues about the consequences of social prejudice and culture on fetal trafficking worldwide. From 2011 to 2017, domestic procedure-conducting agencies discovered and handled 2,748 human trafficking cases with 4,110 subjects, the numbe

Fatima halimah tariq, (25 and under category)

A short documentary that follows the noble works of Ghulam Fatima in helping female brick kiln workers trapped in bonded labor escape the crippling effects of acrid pollution and devastating disease.

Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2018: 3 things that still todayis afecting our society Naieroby Mervil, Freedom High School

This video talks about the 3 problems that still is affecting our society. In fact, we propose solutions for those problems.

Chasing Himalayas Binita Jirel , Asian University for Women

The documentary is about my first solo trek experience to Upper Mustang, Nepal in summer 2017.

Tune Your Ears Rebecca Dharmapalan, UC Berkeley

In this film thesis I am looking at the themes of immigration, migration, civil war, genocide and freedom's effects on self-identity. In the process of filming my four South Asian grandparents, I hope to understand their lives better, and thorough their stories grow to understand the complexities of

The Real Women In STEM Montaha Chowdhury, Asian University for Women

When it comes to Science in Bangladesh, women are told generally to be doctors or go to a certain field that is"suitable" for them. But Women in the STEM in Bangladesh do exist! But how many know about their experiences? And why don't we discuss this more often? When it comes to Science, Bangladesh

The Gods will be angry Preeti Shakya, Janaki Medical College, Tribhuvan University

In Nepal, menstrual hygiene management still remains a major challenge to most girls and women- with shame and stigma attached around menstruation, limited health education and lack of hygienic sanitary materials contributing to health problems, social exclusion and poor educational outcomes. In cer

Code Like A Girl Sofia Ongele, Albert Einstein Academy

Women and girls make up only 18% of computer science graduates. If we want innovations of the future to have diversity of thought and creation, women need to be a part of the conversation. To solve this, we need more girls to learn to code. The results are astounding, just watch what happens when a

Women in STEM Winnona Li, California Academy of Mathematics and Science

Women feel discouraged from pursuing STEM careers, which can begin at a young age, leading to the gender gaps that we see in STEM fields today. In order to change these statistics, we must change the way we treat our girls at school and at home. We must encourage them to participate in STEM activit

Equality and Empowerment Through Education Grace Dorman, The Sharon Academy

Giving pure statistics and raw data on Women's education around the world, why we don't have it and why we need it.