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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Breakthrough: Overcoming media pressure and biases Karen Gaytan, Laredo Community College

Bianca is a high school student tired of being pressured to meet certain beauty standards. We follow her day and certain moments leading to her breakthrough.

End Menstrual Stigmas - Period. Ria Sonecha, Castilleja School

This film explores the ways menstruation, a natural biological process, is stigmatized and how these stigmas impact girls around the world.

Fight For New Life: Females Behind Bars Jacqulyne Santullo, Plymouth State University

Victimization is an issue for women in the Criminal Justice System and young girls in the juvenile justice system. Almost 90% of these females have traumatic pasts. They come from backgrounds of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; violence, and so much more. But the unfortunate reality is that th

Educating a Community Amrita Bhasin, Menlo-Atherton High School

This film addresses the importance of educating young girls and women. Set in India through the interviews of a maid and cook, we see how education for girls and women is viewed in their small town. Educating women and girls is vital because you are really educating everyone. An Indian proverb state

An Attempt on Equality Christie Marshall, Oakdale High School

I believe in equality. Growing up I've believed that I have to be perfect, but that was wrong. My imperfections make up who I am, of this I am not ashamed.

challenges that women face and ways we can help Alice, Marie, Adams , Thomas Jefferson High School

I went around asking a few friends and family what they thought we some challenges that women face today and to pose some solutions to them or ways we can help.

Women in STEM Alisa Reachel Aist, Western Washington University

My women feel intimidated when thinking about entering STEM fields, this film focuses on women in STEM who have some advice for those following in their foot steps. The film is uplifting and encourages women to do what they are passionate about no matter what it is.

We are Women Kira Janine Robles, Elgin High School

This short film calls attention to the problems women face in how they are portrayed by the media and how they've always been portrayed throughout history, creating stereotypes and marginalization that it is up to the women of today to combat.

Little Rock Nine Jennifer Chen, Nina Nelson, Saratoga High School

An original song and music video about Elizabeth Eckford, a member of the Little Rock Nine, who stood up for her race and fought for her rights to a free and equal education. She tried to attend the Little Rock Central High School, a historically all-white school, on September 4, 1957. Her actions s

I am a Woman Sean Dorney, Cape Henlopen High School

I am a Woman dives into the opinions of various women in American society from a Muslim High School student to a female judge in the Delaware court to truly grasp all the problems that women face, because picking one isn't enough.