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Carry Your Dream With You | Seba: Out of the Refugee Camp to Create a Smart Life-jacket Shereen Nidal Nanish, JMI

Saba Al-Obaid, a Syrian girl who lives in Al-Azraq refugee camp in Jordan created a smart life jacket. Her determination and passion enabled her to won a place at a scientific event "marathon" under the name of Astrolab in Jordan. This scientific initiative helped in shedding the light on her talent

The Basic Need No One Talks About Lorena Bonet, Andrea Brito , Fairdale High School, St. Francis School

This film creates awareness about the issue of periods. Periods are a natural occurrence in a woman’s life. They can be beautiful and uncomfortable but can also degrade the life of many women who lack access to sanitary products. Such lack of a basic need results in health issues, loss of dignity,

The Glass Ceiling Katie Mishra, Castilleja School

"The Glass Ceiling" explores the origin and meaning of the phrase "glass ceiling" in today's society. Using examples from powerful women such as Sheryl Sandberg and Hillary Clinton, the film highlights the barriers currently facing women and strategies for overcoming them. Overall, this film is abou

The Unheard Majority Susannah Short, Clovis West High School

This video covers just a few of the current issues going on today with women. Through this you will see 6 different teens talking about what they want to do statistical reality comes into play of what it is really like for women out in the world.

Every Girl Should Have The Right To An Education Alyssa Bartlett, Cité-Des-Jeunes

In this short film I talk about women's education and the fact that every girl should have the right to go to school.

Our Journey Brianna Becerra-Yanez , Palo Verde Magnet High School

Hear the stories of two refugee teen age girls. In this documentary/short film get to know two brave Middle Eastern girls Farhana Mohammad, and Rahaf Kataf and how their refugee experiences changed their lives forever.

More Than Just child Bearers Ana Santiago, Tabita Barakagwira, Presbyterian Pan American School

This video is a combination of interviews with three women at the "Hospital del Niño y la Mujer" in Queretaro, Mexico, and teenagers from Colombia, Hungary, South Korea, Kenya, Rwanda, America, and China. The women give their personal experience with pregnancy and education, and the girls give thei

Puberty Tran,Quoc,Dai, University of Architecture

That is a story about something happen with my friend when she get older... :)) but that''s not at all, to many things to explain, to describe and to understand not simple you think about the puberty with a girl...

A World in Motion An Nguyen, Khue Tran, Makayla Moore, Pflugerville High School

Angela De Hoyos Hart is the IT Project Manager at General Motors. She is also a regular volunteer at River Oaks Elementary in Pflugerville ISD. She helped found and now helps coordinate GM’s STEM mentorship program at the school. The program has grown to include 67 GM Mentors in the Austin IT Deve

I Will Be Your Voice Riley Guggenhime, Castilleja School

"I Will Be Your Voice" documents the hardships of female Afghan refugees living in camps in Greece. The film addresses violence against refugees and the societal limits placed on women and girls. The purpose of "I Will Be Your Voice" is to spread awareness of the struggles Afghan girls face and the