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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

The Future is Female Emma Lynch, Merion Mercy Academy

I created this video by filming clips of women at the Women's March in Philadelphia and recording women speaking excerpts from President Obama's farewell speech. I chose excerpts that I believe promote political participation. As a new voter, I was awakened to the extensive list of issues facing wom

Our Gendered World Juliana Lu-Yang, Anna Barth, Montgomery Blair High School

How do daily verbal microaggressions affect the way we look at the world, and ourselves? "Our Gendered World" looks precisely at this issue, and explores the subtle but empowering ways we can change these ingrained beliefs and actions for the better.

Let Girls be Girls Leah Maldonado, Portland State University

I volunteered to lead a cohort of Sunnyside Environmental School students to educate them about the global consequences of child marriage. We focused on how education is often taken from young girl's lives in order to support early marriage, then explored how this negatively impacts not only the vic

#CultureAgainstWomen Phuong Vu Hoang, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

In the world of todays, domestic violence is now becoming a significant issue of society than ever. It can happen whenever, wherever there has a woman.The reasons are usually focused on the aspects of men, marriage collapsion. However, it is forgotten that over thousands of years, the shaped cultura

Humans Extincted Prem Kumar, MGU

This is a short fiction film made for GITW. It describes how Humans Extinct by killing girls and destroying Mother Earth. This film accounts the plight of women facing around the world and also portrays about pollution. Male and female are dominating girls. So I used the word ManKind in this film. F

Amber Arianna Castillo, St. Monica Catholic High School

“Amber” follows the story of a young girl who is a victim of human trafficking. She is first seen in a missing child ad where, later, her present situation is revealed. Left cold and battered by a demanding aggressor with responsibilities she did not willingly take on and a lack of schooling, we

Girls Have Grit Too! Brooke Collins, Arts Academy at benjamin Rush

A documentary about how women are perceived in society, but with the right guidance and information we can succeed.

Linden Genevieve Wagner, Beaumont School

This is Linden. She is twenty years old and in love with the world. She loves snowshoeing, walking her dog, and singing along to Aerosmith songs. At the moment, she does not have a care in the world; but as she gets older, life will become a bit more difficult. Linden has special needs and like m

Women: More Than Expectations Lia Spencer, Castilleja

The stereotypes that women face in the classroom and the working field have lessened over time but are still prevalent today. In this documentary, women speak about challenges they've faced based on gender and how it affects their life, as well as what happens in an all-girls environment. Interviewe

Volunteer woman in leadership Louyov, Cambodia University

Volunteer woman in leadership is a short film that shows about Sophea who is kind, friendly, and a role model in her community. It is a film that our volunteer team does our best for writing, shooting and editing. I’m feeling so grateful that we’ve got young Cambodian support us to produce this