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Women Vs. STEM Sok Sahas, Kim Chandina, Om Virya, Doeun Sokunsereyrath, Bou Socheata, Ky Tith Marinet, Sonthurmuk High school

This film is talking about the Women in STEM. We have picked up three things which are the current problem, solutions and how important the women in STEM is. Firstly, there are 3 main reasons that make girls less in STEM field. Old stereotype of the people in their society makes their parents try

Dreaded Kah Belinda Mbong, University Of Bamenda Cameroon

This is the story of an HIV/AIDS muslim girl who lost her parents to the killer disease and is regarded as an outcast in her community and in school by her mates causing her to be less performant and productive but she later is accepted and picks up to be the best in her class.

Women Empowerment Project Emanuella Evans, Winnetonka High School

I created this video to highlight how Phenomenal Women are. At the time, my school was taking part in a Women Empowerment Project, so this video was very timely and beneficial. I believe it helps showcase the true beauty in women, what they feel, love, hate, and battle everyday; their Honest Beauty.

The Kisaruni Learners Grace Frome, Castilleja School

A look into the daily lives and thoughts of Kisaruni Girls School students in Kenya. A rigorous and high-achieving school, Kisaruni educates girls so they can create a better life for themselves and benefit the country's social and economic situations.

Writing My Own Script Emma Kee, Ponte Vedra High School

"Writing My Own Script" is a video documentary about how Emma Kee's childhood hospitalization impacted her to begin a path of learning that will lead her to success in the medical field. Told in the first person, Emma shares her inspiration to make a difference in the field of medical science, ded

NAKED Terae Mathis, Lambert Highschool

A youtber sits in front of a camera to film a makeup tutorial to help her viewers look prettier. She has a dream where she's in nature and admiring it and begins to compare herself to the flowers and their natural beauty and how natural should be the goal. She then comes online again to spread the w

Cocoon mahmoud mohamed abdelsalam, Cairo Uni.

A girl loves drawing inside the books, authorities arrested and torture her, then she decided to enter into a fight with this authorities, the film speaks about how violence makes violence.

We Are Women Liz Bunce, Loudoun Valley

This film asks the question why we are treated differently from men when we are defined the same way.

Peighton Kevin Brooks, University of Memphis

A young girl learns to truly be herself in a world where social norms are thrown at her.

Women who empower others through Leadership Joashaha Niomai Drakes, St. Stanislaus College

A video describing how a global figure's leadership can have transformational effects on others.