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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Fighting the Gender Gap Briana Berger, F.W. Buchholz High School

The film, Fighting the Gender Gap, works to empower minority groups in technology by dismantling negative stereotypes surrounding technical careers. It features a variety of girls that have an impact in STEM to allow young girls to imagine the possibility of a STEM career. The film aims to change t

Are We the 0s or the 1s? Elizabeth Min, Decatur High School

Are we the 0s or the 1s? The question doesn't make sense. 0s and 1s make our technological world go around, and they have to work together to do so. The same is true for men and women, but "the gender gap in computing has actually been getting worse since the 1980s" (Girls Who Code). Despite various

Motherhood Yaroslava , Srednerussky Humanities and Technology Institute

This story is about mother with the gift of seeing the future. She understands that urgently needs to change the attitude of the teen girl to the world, or the catastrophe from her vision will be real. Realizing that the habits and behavior of her child is difficult to change without bright motivati

Women Who Paved the Way Regan Meyer, Fife High School

A documentary the creatively shows the history of innovative women and what they did to help pave the way for future women.

Shonirbhorota Anila Shaheen, Asian University for Women

This is a story of a woman who has two "disabled" daughters who had to face many challenges to educate her special daughters because the normal schools refused admit them. After a long period of struggle she has now educated her daughters and is also running an organization in her village to support

In & On Marisa Umeh, Megan Hoang, Diamond Bar High School

In their first issue, "Frida Magazine", a video magazine, brings awareness to common substances women put inside (hydrogenated oils) and on (cosmetic products) their bodies that have a harmful effect on the human body and the environment. Teenage girl, Justa Hoang, learns about the pollutants that p

Ako Kate Vickery, Loretto Abbey Toronto

Ako is a documentary centered on lemur conservation efforts in Madagascar. Particularly the efforts of Dr. Hantanirini.

Creating Change for Women Kiera Quinn, Darien High School

This is a video to portray the needs we still face on an international stage with development of women rights in third world countries, the progress that can and will be made, and the changes we have enacted so far.

Girls + Education Nana Bruce-Amanquah, Windermere Preparatory School

Nana B.A. talks about her understanding of girls and education: the problems facing its universality and its importance based on her experiences and lessons she's learned from others.

What I learned in class today Sarah Turner, Metropolitan State University of Denver

This is the kind of education young women are receiving not only inside, but also outside the classroom as well.