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Equals in Society Emma D Westgård, Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet

Students from an international community talk about the struggles women and girls face- from a human rights perspective- with hope for the future.

Stand Up, Speak Up before your body is Held Up Tahmina Raoufi, Asian University for Women

Narrates story of a girl(s) who is married during her childhood and is held back by the family and society to commit to the marriage that she has never given nod to. She is held to adjust to the extreme extents to make the childhood marriage long. Before her marriage at youth with the childhood husb

Zann Ayesha Siddiq, Super Nova College

A biography of the struggles of a woman, Saeeda, from the tribal areas of Pakistan. Married at the age of 12, she had to learn how to drive at the age of 16 when her husband got disabled, to provide sustenance to the family. A heroic deed in an extremely conservative culture.

Child Marriage a Stolen Innocence Abou El qassime Mehdi, Emines School of industrial management

This video shows the story of a girl who has been saved from getting married at an early age. Based on her own past, her mother decided not to let her daughter face the same destiny that she ran through when she was young. This video was made to sensitize people so they become aware of the daily str

Vacuum Beneath Their Wings Ananya Singh, Delhi Public School , Sushant Lok

This is a documentary that takes us to the slums of India and discusses the the problems that millions of women around the world face every day. It shows us the importance of education and basic rights. It also features the story of a woman who has had to go through the brutality of domestic violen

Draw My Life: Average Yemeni Women Rowida Abdelhafez, Abdullah Nabeen, Elaine Kuang, Christy Lin, Ellie Ly, High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology

This is the story of the average Yemeni women (Mariam) and the hardships she will face due to the inequalities that exist in her country between men and women. Yemeni women are likely to become impoverished, illiterate, unemployed and married young with few rights to divorce, custody or inheritance

Not for sale Rebecca Caroline Silva do Nascimento, UDF

A short video that aims the awareness of women challenges finding their identity when their femininity is use as trade by any unfortunate means. By the use of data and acting, the video puts into perspective how the world still underestimates women worth, using their fragility,sexuality or her misfo

Girls and the Environment Nicole Luhrs, Chaparral High School

Hand-drawn writing and pictures informing the public about the environment and how it impacts girls today, with a video of children dancing at the end.