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Sex Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery in Thailand Min Thae Thu San,Hsu Yati Min,Shane Myat Maung,Peter, Minmahaw School

One of the most common issues with refugees in any country is that majority of them are involved in sex trafficking for the sake of survival, the scenario is no different for Burmese migrant women in Thailand. Leaving behind their families and kids in Myanmar, these women were deceived being told th

I Define My Own Beauty Shorif Sonia, Asian University for Women

Society or media defines what is beautiful. This Video shows that how vague the definition of beauty is society to society. So, It is better to define beauty in your own words. This video has been made to inspire all the women who think they are not beautiful. All they need to do is to change their

18 Ways Women Undo Gender Nazifa Alizada, Asian University for Women

While gender equality has come a long way in most developing countries, stereotypes and gender expectations still actively shape people's lives. This video shows how women and girl in different contexts respond to gender expectations and sexist remarks.

Let her go Tien Nguyen, Asian University for Women

Through a poignant story of a woman who was once loved but later abused by her intimate partner, this music video suggests a solution to end violence against women: Men, women, and the society as a whole have to act together.

An Impossible Standard Mollie Suss, Ridgewood High School

Images in mainstream media are constantly presenting impossible standards for young women around the world. In interviews with people influenced by these images, this film addresses how these images are impacting young women, and how our culture has conceptualized an impossible beauty standard.

OVERDUE Kenley Duke, Jada George, Malcolm Lott, Hampton University

Overdue is a short film highlighting the everyday dynamics of dating violence and it's detrimental effects on the victim. A young woman, hopeful for her relationship to change, faces emotional, mental and physical trauma that causes her world to unravel at the hands of time.

#CultureAgainstWomen Phuong Vu Hoang, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

In the world of todays, domestic violence is now becoming a significant issue of society than ever. It can happen whenever, wherever there has a woman.The reasons are usually focused on the aspects of men, marriage collapsion. However, it is forgotten that over thousands of years, the shaped cultura

Honest Beauty - Girls Impact The World Film Festival Clara Lind, Kungsholmens Gymnasium/Stockholms Musikgymnasium

This movie is about Honest Beauty. I chose this theme because I have always thought a lot about how girls feel this pressure to look good and "beautiful" in front of and especially for others.

Behind Closed Doors Kenya Andrew, Kacey McGuire, Savannah College of Art and Design

This documentary raises awareness of the horrors of commercial sexual exploitation against women in the United States, and introduces solutions to put an end to it.

Women in the World of Media Summer Okoye, Sussex Tech High School

The Media influences the way our society view's women and how women view themselves, but before starting on this journey I wasn't aware of just how big this influence was and I realized that most women are unaware as well. In this documentary I uncover the truth about the portrayal of women in th