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Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2018: 3 things that still todayis afecting our society Naieroby Mervil, Freedom High School

This video talks about the 3 problems that still is affecting our society. In fact, we propose solutions for those problems.

Buried Beneath Us Amanda Camos, Cardinal Gibbons High School

In this sad reality of pet overpopulation, shelter dogs could end up in a landfill buried with the rest of the trash. Photographer Shannon Johnstone made a difference with her Landfill Dogs project, photographing shelter dogs in an effort to find them a permanent home and show how these forgotten do

Women in STEM Winnona Li, California Academy of Mathematics and Science

Women feel discouraged from pursuing STEM careers, which can begin at a young age, leading to the gender gaps that we see in STEM fields today. In order to change these statistics, we must change the way we treat our girls at school and at home. We must encourage them to participate in STEM activit

Don't Wait Carmen Padron, Yankton High School

My musical film, embodies a song of hope that I made for the future, a song that explores the idea that we as humans are all the same, and the people I share in the video are huge inspirations, that deserve to be followed, they exemplify the hope that many of us are looking for today, the song is si

I'm not what you see Yrys, AUCA

what to wear if you are criticized all the time? What to wear if people already have their prejudices? We often judge without knowing people's background.

Waste, A source of Resource: WAR- Learn to Empower Sadia Jafrin, Amina Azad, Jahangirnagar University, Independent University Bangladesh

Waste is a resource out of place. We saw that there was lots of waste littering here and there that made the environment hazardous. We chose this since we realized that Bangladesh does have waste management awareness but the awareness is built within people o

Carry Your Dream With You | Seba: Out of the Refugee Camp to Create a Smart Life-jacket Shereen Nidal Nanish, JMI

Saba Al-Obaid, a Syrian girl who lives in Al-Azraq refugee camp in Jordan created a smart life jacket. Her determination and passion enabled her to won a place at a scientific event "marathon" under the name of Astrolab in Jordan. This scientific initiative helped in shedding the light on her talent

Hear Me Roar Matalyn (Koda) Calma, Seneca Valley Senior High School

Helen Reddy once said, "I am woman, hear me roar." This quote is what inspired current high school senior Justine Szurley to start her small business, HMR Apparel. Justine's company is a handmade clothing brand that works to promote gender equality and female empowerment. Through HMR's designs and p

The Glass Ceiling Katie Mishra, Castilleja School

"The Glass Ceiling" explores the origin and meaning of the phrase "glass ceiling" in today's society. Using examples from powerful women such as Sheryl Sandberg and Hillary Clinton, the film highlights the barriers currently facing women and strategies for overcoming them. Overall, this film is abou

I Am A Woman Lauren Bautista, Savannah College of Art and Design

A young woman goes through her day, facing the societal expectations placed on her, only to reveal that they are the very thing that strengthens her.