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The Importance of Women in Leadrship Nayzak Najm, Ruth Kingsbury, Richland High School

Female professionals in education share their experience and advice on working toward leadership.

Draw My Life: Average Yemeni Women Rowida Abdelhafez, Abdullah Nabeen, Elaine Kuang, Christy Lin, Ellie Ly, High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology

This is the story of the average Yemeni women (Mariam) and the hardships she will face due to the inequalities that exist in her country between men and women. Yemeni women are likely to become impoverished, illiterate, unemployed and married young with few rights to divorce, custody or inheritance

How Do You See Me Sofia Diez, Johns Hopkins University

The project "How Do You See Me" is the voices of young women addressing the misrepresentation of female leaders and higher-educated women in the media. The media should represent us, not define us.

Underestimated Mackenzie McMahon, University of Texas at Austin

This short film looks at women's negative and simplistic portrayal in the media as a symptom of the lack of women behind the camera and asks what we can do about it.

Harvesting Hope Sarah Jahaan Khan, Headstart School

The World Health Organization (1992) reported that roughly 3 million pesticide poisonings occurred annually, and women suffered disproportionately. In many countries cotton picking is done exclusively by women, and my film highlights the health implications of chemical pesticides on them, and its un

Invisible Impacts Anett Kiss, Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School

A short documentary about the lives and health prospects of Central and Eastern-European women. Aiming to emphasize the damaging effects of hormones found in tap water and the severe impacts of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on birth results, human fertitlity and genetical deviations. Both issues ge

Burden or Boon: Live of Burmese Migrant People Eaint Thae Phyu Kyaw, James, Thein Zaw, Theingi Win, Minmahaw School

Life of the Burmese migrants in Thailand have been very miserable and challenging, especially for women and children living in the camps. The quality of life and social determinants of the basic rights including education and healthcare have been compromised of these refugee women and children in Ma

Out of Frying Pan Moe Moe Myint Zaw, Eh Htoo Thaw, Lat Lat Khine, Myo Sat Aung, Minmahaw School

Social Action for Women (SAW), a shelter home for children of Burmese migrants in Thailand, is working for their education and providing huge support to the HIV/AIDS affected women. SAW also has other programs ensuring social rights of Burmese migrant women and children; and not surprisingly, this f

I Define My Own Beauty Shorif Sonia, Asian University for Women

Society or media defines what is beautiful. This Video shows that how vague the definition of beauty is society to society. So, It is better to define beauty in your own words. This video has been made to inspire all the women who think they are not beautiful. All they need to do is to change their

Dear Malala Gabriella Cisneros, Mishicot High School

A personal message for Malala Yousafzai. I want to tell her how her courageous deed has helped me see the problems in the world that I need to help change. I incorporate how her present activism has changed my future plans.