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Confidence in Sports Niav Layton, Castilleja

Confidence in Sports is a film about the role of sport in building confidence in women. It questions why, despite the benefits, girls tend to drop out of sports earlier than boys, and examines how positive coaching can make all the difference. Participating in sport enables girls to take calculated

Behind Closed Doors Shruti Shah, Meghan Nguyen, Eisha Rao, Varsha Mullangi, Clements High School

Although a simple, suburban neighborhood may look calm and serene from the outside, nobody knows what is going on behind closed doors. We delve into the work that the Fort Bend Women's Center and its kindhearted employees do on a daily basis to help victims of domestic violence escape the horrific c

Women: More Than Expectations Lia Spencer, Castilleja

The stereotypes that women face in the classroom and the working field have lessened over time but are still prevalent today. In this documentary, women speak about challenges they've faced based on gender and how it affects their life, as well as what happens in an all-girls environment. Interviewe

Self Respect Cali Triantis, Castilleja School

Women have always been "givers". To defy this societal role by speaking our mind or taking time for ourselves, then, is considered conceited, bossy and selfish. This short documentary summarizes and explores why women have trouble with self-respect, and why it is so important that we fight these exp

He or She? Myrzakhan Zhumakhan, Nazarbayev University

In the short film, we have decribed some of aspects of gender inequality in the modern world. The film was filmed from the first-person to show that women are discriminated by men. In addition, we wanted to show important scenes of gender inequality and give a reasonable solution.

Power To The Women Menkemndi Randy, Government Technical High School Bamenda

As a means to edify the world on the importance of the rights of women and the girl child, Clarisse artistically known as Yala brings to you this powerful message in some few words in her 5 minutes video which explains the need to value and preserve the rights of the woman and girl child, and i be

Leveling the Playing Field: Not Just a Girl, but a Wrestler Lindsey Barrett, Canton High School

Canton High School junior Riley Brown blazing the trail for girls and women to participate in male-dominated sports.

I am a Woman Alexander Sennett, Benet Academy

Two young women's daily lives are plagued by abuse and oppression. Even though they suffer in different ways, they share a common goal: to overcome their situations.

Shakti Priyanka Pal, Sakshi Sharma, Asian University for Women

Create awareness about gender issues prevailing in the society. In addition how these men and women who challenge these gender roles can be powerful source of inspiration in the society. Moreover, how small NGO's are changing lives of women in villages.

MDIS 1 Different but Same (A) Siti Nur Hidayah Binte Samsuddin,Tran Que Nghi,Pyae Phyo Pying, Management Development Institute of Singapore

A short animated documentary that highlights the two different but similar struggles of women in first world and third countries. It hopes to raise more awareness and provide better understanding on the reality of the issues raised.