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The Day After Baylee Brown, New York University

The Day After is a documentary portraying the protest in New York City in response to Donald Trump's election as President. The film highlights the importance of women's involvement in political and social activism in order to protect rights to education, women's healthcare, as well as to advocate f

The Girl Who Could Albert Pavlinac, Milbank High School

When a girl gets overlooked when the captains pick for their teams because of her gender, She gets the motivation to prove to her peers that girls can be great leaders and that they can't be underestimated in anything. She fights and runs her way in order to prove that girls do make an impact.

The World I Want to Live In #StemsFromHer Abbie Collette, Sylvie Pryor Rosenstein, Mae Pryor Rosenstein, Abram Collette, Baxter Academy for Technology and Science

This film shares the experiences of three young women who are passionate about STEM. Seeking reassurance, these young women looked to female role models for help regaining their confidence. They were given an opportunity to express their ideas, ask questions, and engage in work that they were excite

Girls and Women in Society Jennifer Buterbaugh, Fairview High School

I filmed a variety of young women to older women along with young girls for this film. I wanted to capture their raw emotion by not giving them the questions until on camera. I found that these specific women were discriminated against in the workplace and in leadership roles and felt "not good enou

Rein Heart Friday Onwe, Edwin Clark University Kiagbodo Delta State Nigeria

The film is about a young girl Clara who saved a woman from her abusive husband and in turn made the husband a community ambassador against gender violence.

Women Vs. STEM Sok Sahas, Kim Chandina, Om Virya, Doeun Sokunsereyrath, Bou Socheata, Ky Tith Marinet, Sonthurmuk High school

This film is talking about the Women in STEM. We have picked up three things which are the current problem, solutions and how important the women in STEM is. Firstly, there are 3 main reasons that make girls less in STEM field. Old stereotype of the people in their society makes their parents try

Women Empowerment Project Emanuella Evans, Winnetonka High School

I created this video to highlight how Phenomenal Women are. At the time, my school was taking part in a Women Empowerment Project, so this video was very timely and beneficial. I believe it helps showcase the true beauty in women, what they feel, love, hate, and battle everyday; their Honest Beauty.

Writing My Own Script Emma Kee, Ponte Vedra High School

"Writing My Own Script" is a video documentary about how Emma Kee's childhood hospitalization impacted her to begin a path of learning that will lead her to success in the medical field. Told in the first person, Emma shares her inspiration to make a difference in the field of medical science, ded

"Pretty Woman" GITW Film Festival Callista Nickelson, Farmington Senior High School

Women are bombarded every day with sexy images of female celebrities, actresses and models. These images are on our televisions, in our magazines, on billboards and almost everywhere else in between. We get caught up in the fantasy of a "perfect body" that we don't realize how effective these images

White Walls - A Documentary Liz Bunce, Loudoun Valley

The film consists of a teenage Pakistani-American's struggles living in a white society.