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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Creating Change for Women Kiera Quinn, Darien High School

This is a video to portray the needs we still face on an international stage with development of women rights in third world countries, the progress that can and will be made, and the changes we have enacted so far.

Breakthrough: Overcoming media pressure and biases Karen Gaytan, Laredo Community College

Bianca is a high school student tired of being pressured to meet certain beauty standards. We follow her day and certain moments leading to her breakthrough.

Generation Wow Ally Gondeck, Douglas Anderson School of the arts

This short documentary explores the impact that women can make on younger girls in society. Generation Wow is an organization determined to help girls reach the success they deserve while teaching them to be smart, powerful, and 100% themselves. "Generation Wow" provides a clear insight into the org

challenges that women face and ways we can help Alice, Marie, Adams , Thomas Jefferson High School

I went around asking a few friends and family what they thought we some challenges that women face today and to pose some solutions to them or ways we can help.

BE PROUD Amanda Triani Ferreira Azevedo, Sistema Elite de Ensino

A lot of people don't belive in the real power of the women, but I do and I'm proud of it.

Women in STEM Alisa Reachel Aist, Western Washington University

My women feel intimidated when thinking about entering STEM fields, this film focuses on women in STEM who have some advice for those following in their foot steps. The film is uplifting and encourages women to do what they are passionate about no matter what it is.

Little Rock Nine Jennifer Chen, Nina Nelson, Saratoga High School

An original song and music video about Elizabeth Eckford, a member of the Little Rock Nine, who stood up for her race and fought for her rights to a free and equal education. She tried to attend the Little Rock Central High School, a historically all-white school, on September 4, 1957. Her actions s

Barrington Girls Pave the Way Grace Fitzgerald, Braeden Nelson, Serena Shah , Barrington High School

Our team took the time to sit down with a few women from Barrington High School who are taking the initiative to break down barriers for equality of the sexes. Our discussions included STEM, business, and media.

Set yourself free before it is too late. Tahmina Raoufi, Asian University for Women

Nastareen an Afghan girl is having hard time to make herself adjust to stereotypical role of a girl that has been assigned to her by her family and the society. Keeping her father's honor in consideration and her mother's peace of mind, she gives in too many times. This continues till she is engaged

Giving a voice Akriti Manandhar, Asian University for Women

This documentary is about a cleaner working at Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It shows the social and economic challenges she has to face while supporting her family through her earnings. It is an effort to give a voice to what she has to say about the society she is living in