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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Active Beauty Miriam Gonzalez, Marsha Gonzalez, Florida Atlantic University

This films brings awareness to criticism against women in sports, fitness and active lifestyles. The hardships that women face when they don't believe in their honest beauty. Narrated in the voice of a young man attacking a women in her challenges in doing what she likes that don't coincide with the

We'll Rise Alexandria Taylor, Melrose High school

I asked several women to briefly share their opinions on either, women as leaders, "women's roles", or embedding the history of feminism/womanism into our schools curriculum. I wanted my theme to be really relaxed and laid back to make it more realistic.

The Eighth Fire Sarah Burkhart, Southern New Hampshire University

A look into the planet we call home, our destructive behaviors, how it effects women, and what we can do to change. Climate change is REAL and it is happening now. Includes interviews, clips, facts, and quotes.

Samuel's House: More Than A Shelter Arielle R. Feldman, William T. McFatter Technical High School

Despite being a major tourist and party city, Key West, Florida has a pressing homeless epidemic. To combat this, local activist Elmira Leto started Samuel's House, an organization that helps struggling women and their families live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Be A Man Jashee Yang, Castilleja School

An advertisement for Crow (Dove) shows the honest answers of men struggling with double standards in their daily lives.

Spoken Word Poetry Arianna Stoll, Kimberly Ruiz, Wesley Chapel High School

This video is about a young girl growing up, and her struggles through life. It talks about sexual abuse and the effects of social media. Also it talks about how we are impact each other on a daily basis.

A true inspiration Gjorgjina Cenikj, Orce Nikolov

The story of the most inspiring woman, whose contribution to women in Macedonia is too immense to be fitted into a 5 minute movie. She is the founder of an association of women and has inspired them to work, not only to help other women in need, but also to help themselves overcome the prejudice of

18 Ways Women Undo Gender Nazifa Alizada, Asian University for Women

While gender equality has come a long way in most developing countries, stereotypes and gender expectations still actively shape people's lives. This video shows how women and girl in different contexts respond to gender expectations and sexist remarks.

Our Host Mothers Peter Ackerman, University of Vermont

I studied a year abroad in Denmark, focusing on Foreign Aid and Development. As a part of our studies we lived in Rakai District, Uganda where we lived with local families, all of them headed by females. This is short video peaking into the lives of our Ugandan host mothers, all leaders in their com

Zann Ayesha Siddiq, Super Nova College

A biography of the struggles of a woman, Saeeda, from the tribal areas of Pakistan. Married at the age of 12, she had to learn how to drive at the age of 16 when her husband got disabled, to provide sustenance to the family. A heroic deed in an extremely conservative culture.