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LORENZA Enriqueta Noriega, Miami Dade College

Lorenza a Young girl, wants to be like her super hero Xena, but her mom won't appreciate her little girl dressing like a warrior.

Dear Men, Listen Adityajit Singh Kang, Bennington College

Students of MCM DAV College, Chandigarh, India talk about women's empowerment in India. This is a direct message to society - explicit and unedited - by women, about women. There's no other way of putting it.

Confident Hannah Richardson, State College Area High School

This original music video by award-winning 14-year old singer/songwriter/actress Hannah Richardson addresses the issues that three completely different high school girls all have in common; confidence. However, after becoming friends, staying determined, and excelling in their own passions, the girl

Kanyambo Impano Blaise Nicolas, University of Tourism and Technology in Rwanda

Kanyambo, 11 years old girl, dream to compete in a tyre race, usually reserved for boys, Her mother Miss Alice, changed by the society, she force her daughter to always stay at home . Mr Harera, the owner of the Boys Tyre club, try to stop Kanyambo from racing in the competition. And Kanyambo

Small Town Dreams Jade LeBlanc-Ernest, Homeschooled

Morton, Texas, was home to a dreamer who promised herself that, if she made it out, she would return to bring others. Her passion for basketball was simultaneously her escape and the foundation of her mission to help others. This short documentary film highlights LaQuita Thompson, a basketball tr

Just Under Your Skin KareN Riveros Gomez, Katrina Sachs, Canadore College

A girl learns that everything she puts on her skin gets absorbed into her body. Even daily hygiene products and makeup cause damage once they enter our bodies.

She is the Flower Miriam Gonzalez, Marsha Gonzalez, G-Star school of the arts

This film is a representation of Women in the world, through a flower. The film is said in a narrative monologue of the struggles that flowers, which symbolize women and what they go through in life, and brings awareness to two global issues (Climate Change and Water) on the environment that impact

The Ripple Effect Sarah Jahaan Khan, Headstart School

'The Ripple Effect' shows how access to safe water has transformed the lives of rural women in Pakistan. When seasonal patterns began to change and rainfall became scarce, these women adopted methods of conserving rainwater. Not only do girls like Deeba no longer have to make the back breaking 8 kil

I just want to be happy. Brenda Sanchez, Uplift Williams Preparatory

The unrealistic beauty standards that our society holds today affects every single girl. It does not matter whether she is rich or poor, those beauty standards and prejudices are out to haunt her in nearly every stage of her life starting from as early as 7 years old. Young girls need to know that o

Uniting the Right Thing Nikki Newell, Point Loma Nazarene University

Young women can put too much emphasis on boys and invest all their time into the wrong thing at the time that everything else falls behind. This short film music video shows the example of how that can happen and expresses the positive influence other young women can have on each other and that doin