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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Seemingly Normal... Thomas Hartmann, Warren Tech

A young girl who lives with her boyfriend and his parents becomes pregnant and faces a choice.

The Amazons Cry Ignacio Núñez Palmieri, Forest Trial Academy

With performances of Haitian and Dominican women, this short film represents four different countries in which some of the most basic women's rights are violated every day. All in the effort to create awareness and motivate the viewer into spreading the word about these issues.

Cradle my Love Jeanine Strother, Manhattanville College

'Cradle my Love' touches on Domestic Violence and Abortion.

Autism Mothers - Stories of Inspiration Anne Caroline Rabello Rolim , Beatrice Rolim, Michigan State University, Colegio Sidarta

This short movie shows the different stories of 4 mothers of autistic children in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They met through a social network and discuss their views in life, including difficulties they had, prejudice, health, managing with depression, poverty and the outcome of their situations as they be

The Incurable Pain Amidst the Hills Rasani Shrestha, Asian University for Women

This short film has tried to capture the situation of women who are dealing with the problem of uterus prolapse in Jajarkot, one of the under developed districts of Nepal. This problem has revealed various cultural aspects of society such as early marriage which is hindering the health status as wel

Together We Brianna Hart, Manchester High School

There is a girl who lost her virginity to a guy and became pregante and neither the boy nor her family supports her. Leading her to have an abortion. This a poem is between the mother and her aborted child.

This Is A Girl Jordyn Roach, University of Oregon

This curated film gives an overview of several problems women all over the world face today, and presents a solution to these problems that must be pursued. The painting of the face represents that these obstacles are faced by women of many ethnicities.

Mandisa's Story Mandisa Madikane, Keana Cupido, Fortunate Khiba, Sthokozo Mabaso, Sihle Mhalanga, Lerato Mazibuko, Mossouri High School, UJ Soweto Entrepreneurship

A moving video of Mandisa, a GlobalGirl reporter from Soweto who shares with us the reality of living as a young woman with HIV in South Africa. She very bravely talks about when she was raped by a neighbor at six years old.

Teen Pregnancy Wendy Garcia, Andrea Reyes, Yasmeen Abdullah, Imani Crenshaw, Ariana Seymore , University of California Santa Cruz, El Camino College, Chino Hills High School, Loyola Marymount University, Miguel Contreras High School,

GlobalGirl Reporters interview one young girl about her experience as a teen mom in Los Angeles and explore the differences between reality and media representations of teen pregnancy.