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Lily Jada Reid, Savannah College of Art and Design

Lily struggles to validate her abusive relationship with her unemployed boyfriend to her life-long best friend over dinner.

Who Am I? Libbe Phan, Woodbridge High School

The struggle behind looking "beautiful" for society through the lens of a female teenager in the digital age of the 21st century.

Stand-Up Man Kellen Vu, Arizona School for the Arts

I wrote this song to encourage men to support the movement of women's empowerment, especially regarding girls' education. I hope it will inspire people to put their differences aside and stand together for women's rights.

Let There Be Daisies Juliana Concepcion, Temple University

“Let There Be Daisies” is a short film that highlights the trivial moments three women share with one another. Inspired by Věra Chytilová's "Daisies,” the film incorporates many of the same themes of indulgence and playfulness among the women, in a world where the media continues to portray

The Art of Mine Own Body Amanda Barner, University of Missouri

A poetic recreation and commentary on three female artists, whose works focus on violence against women throughout history.

Lead Your Voice: Road Path to Success Sabrina Ahmadzai , University of The Sciences

Short film based on the struggles & challenges, that females face in order to become successful in their careers. Interviews recognizing the inspiring stories of four female leaders, from different career backgrounds, including: engineering, nonprofit, business and medicine to motivate young girls t

Poof Madeline Smith, Lausanne Collegiate School

Is she going crazy, or are things really disappearing around Janessa's house?

We could be Champion too Novera Hasan Nikkon, Jagannath University Dhaka ,Bangladesh

In Bangladesh the girls are frequently considered as burden to the families. Due to cultural setting, It has been believed that they don’t have any worth like the boys. So they have no rights to chose their future and destination. Specially in sporting sectors, girls are not accepted due to nega

Ruza Raashi Metkari, FAMU International, Prague

Ruza, meaning Rose, is the story of young passionate 14 year-old wanting to pursue her dream of being a soccer player, and struggles with being taken seriously. Set against a Czech backdrop the short juxtapositions dreams and reality with surreal undertones denoting her struggle trying to claim her

Better Andrea De Leon, John B. Alexander High School

A young girl overcomes her eating disorder after finding a way to healthily cope with it. Her struggles with compulsive exercise, extreme concerns about her weight, and refusal to eat, allows her to come to the realization that she is not healthy, and that she wants to get better.