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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Unlearn the Bias Catherine White, Wiregrass Ranch High School

With rising statistics and locker room banter, it is important to face the music with rape culture. Men must stand up against sexual assault and violence against women. In this short documentary we interview a college basketball coach and hear the words of Emma Watson on the role men play in athleti

It's Time To Talk Pauline Schrott, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

A troupe of young women ventured out to find the answer to the question "How can we help young women be more at peace with themselves so that they can go out and create positive change for the world?" This led them down many streets and alleys in Hong Kong, holding conversations with both men and w

Honest Beauty Enya Bours, Independence High School

Today's society is a place where everyone is pressured to "fit in." But if fitting in is at the expense of self-acceptance and self-expression, is it really worth it? This short film explores the impact media has on girls of all ages, and how "perfect" is a dream that doesn't require you to change i

Who Is JenBKLYN? Roxanne Lim, St. John's University

Media personality JenBKLYN revisits her childhood dreams and shares the experiences that inspired her to break down industry expectations and form her own company, NextJeneration.

Finding Beauty Kailen Kim, Etowah High School

A documentary of Eli Hughes, a non-binary transgender, who struggled with finding themself through their gender identity. This film is based on society's definition of beauty and how it affects girls, boys, and people of all genders. Coming out from being labeled as a girl to a non-binary transgende

The Unheard Majority Susannah Short, Clovis West High School

This video covers just a few of the current issues going on today with women. Through this you will see 6 different teens talking about what they want to do statistical reality comes into play of what it is really like for women out in the world.

Gaze Sydney Holt, Catherine Vo, Saint Agnes Academy

All Jasmine's mother wants is for her daughter to be free of the oppression, sexism, and fear she has dealt with. As Jasmine grows up, she is challenged by events that leave her hurt and conflicted. She questions the power the male gaze has over her, battles with sexism, and deals with sexual harass

Fries Chloe Callahan, Horseheads High School

"Fries" aims to highlight the unfortunate similarities between how woman and food are shown on screen, in addition to the difference between how women see themselves and how women are seen on TV and in movies.

I Am A Woman Lauren Bautista, Savannah College of Art and Design

A young woman goes through her day, facing the societal expectations placed on her, only to reveal that they are the very thing that strengthens her.

Mirage Emily McClanahan, Crockett High School

A mirage is an optical illusion and can be something that appears to be real but is not actually. This a metaphor for one’s perception of beauty and about the importance of diversity in the media and how it can affect self-esteem and body image. Told through a spoken word poem, and brought to li